Empowered Women Retreat

Deva Daniela Spagnoli

A 4-day retreat to explore our Feminine qualities, to awaken, nourish, express them in a safe and supportive place.


We will connect to:

🔹the 4 Elements and Mother Earth, to regain our power, our center, our capacity to connect with ourselves and others

🔹the Lunar Phases that move so much in Nature, also in us, to embody our cyclic nature

🔹powerful archetypes to step into life in a more grounded and authentic way

🔹our Essence, to go back to our true nature, letting go heavy conditioning and believes, finding our natural capacity to love and connect

🔹each other, experiencing the depth of true mirrors


We will use:









🔹the healing power of women being together


To regain grounding and presence, relaxation and inner peace, to flow in life with more clarity and inner strength, to learn to trust in life, to find balance and live in a more authentic way.

You can share this event with all the Women in your Life.




Woman, traveller, creative, seeker, meditator.

Since always curious and enthusiastic about life and human nature, I began to travel at an early age, looking for transformation, to bring positive changes into my own life and to others.

Coming from the medical field and later on through Chinese medicine, I’ve always been interested in the physiology of our body.

Working with people with Holistic Counselling, I’m simply amazed by our mind and how emotions move us.

And through meditation and family constellations, I bow down to the magnificence of our soul and experiencing how much we are all so interconnected.

After 10 years running a health center and working as a nutritionist in Lake Como, Italy, I recently moved to Mallorca, to the countryside, to live closer to nature, and to my inner nature.

Passionate about working with people, I offer individual sessions, in person and online, and I facilitate workshops and retreats on Family Constellations, Relating Consciously, Self-Growth and Womens Work in different countries in Europe.

And through my work with people I keep on growing myself and following my inner journey, with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Come on this amazing journey with me!