Sowing the Seeds

By Kanika Frings


Beloved friends, dear DIMA tribe,


We are back for another season of miracles!

It has been quiet around DIMA for a while as we were integrating a tumultuous year and assimilating all the changes and impulses it has brought.


As challenging and disorienting as 2020 was, I have to say it was a learning-full year for us that still keeps on revealing covert gifts in the disguise of more uncertainty.

Again we are facing an unpredictable year and even though we can’t say “we are ready for it”, we can certainly say “bring it on” to finding the hidden treasures in its seeming volatility.


Going with the flow, changing with the times and adjusting our course accordingly has been part of DIMA’s evolution from the get go, and so letting go, surrendering and trusting has become a practice and an increasingly familiar friend on the journey of the past 6 years.


I sense this particular friend is here to stay, which is why this year feels like a year in which we will be preparing the ground for another shift of evolution for DIMA to grow beyond its current form, into what exactly we do not know yet. :)


One thing is certain, change is coming, and we are once again yielding to the direction that the river of life has in mind for DIMA in order to best serve aliveness in ourselves and others.


And that is super exciting!




We will begin this year with two months of Community time, starting in mid. April, in which we will have no Retreats happening but we will spend nurturing DIMA’s foundation.

During this time anyone is welcome to come as a Community Guest to enjoy daily life with us, including regular meditations, sharings and other activities.

(For more information please contact us at


We will keep you posted on the ground we are preparing and the seeds we are sowing, as we are revisiting our 4 core pillars and are refreshing our orientation and our website accordingly.

It is an exciting time of experimentation and implementation as we embark on a new vision for the future that holds TRUST at the heart of it.

And yes, that is f***ing scary and yet, it feels f***ing good.


With all our love and excitement,

Kanika & your Team DIMA