Deeper and Deeper – 3 Day Meditation Retreat

Avesh & Varsha

” Deeper and deeper … the deeper you go, the more fragrant becomes the air. The deeper you go, suddenly flowers start showering on you. At the deepest point you are the buddha. The buddha means simply witnessing, pure witnessing. Just witness: the body is there, the mind is there, but you are neither.” Osho


Dates: September 16  2021 evening to September 20 2021 morning

Facilitators: Avesh & Varsha


This retreat is open to all lovers of meditation and to everyone who wants to find out more about meditation; also to those who want to deepen their meditation in the supportive atmosphere of like-minded people.


In this retreat we will use Osho’s revolutionary active meditations technics as well as other methods for meditation, like silent sittings, observing the breath, walking, dancing,  singing and celebration.

By practicing these technics you will gain a deep insight into the importance of an unburdened and relaxed  body/mind as a prerequisite for meditation, inner silence and awareness.

With the help of these technics and by listening to Osho’s beautiful discourses, we can grow in learning and understanding what meditation is, why meditation can benefit our daily lives so much, and how, through meditation, we can find the deeper meaning of our lives.


“There are many doors to the temple of God, but at every door you will need the same key to unlock it. And that is meditation, that is awareness.” Osho


The retreat will be happening mainly in silence.


Everyday, you will have the opportunity to share your insights and experiences.


Our retreat is hosted in the loving and caring Buddhafield of DIMA. It is a place where people have come together in their commitment to conscious living. 5 years ago, Dima found her home in a beautiful old finca estate in the countryside of Mallorca.

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The retreat will start on Thursday evening with a Meditation and will end on Monday morning with a Meditation.


There is the possibility to extend your stay for two more days in Dima, Monday and Tuesday. Leaving time from Dima would be Wednesday morning 11am.

Each extra night plus breakfast costs 35 Euros.




Lived in the Osho commune for 16 years and fell in love with meditation from the beginning.

He is happy to share his experience with meditation in this retreat.









Lived for 12 years in the Osho commune.

In 1993 she did the Osho meditation training, and faciliteted the Osho No-Mind Meditation in the Osho Resort, Pune.


Avesh and Varsha met in the Osho commune in Pune and after leaving from there, they still stayed many years in India, traveling and facilitating tours and meditations in the Himalayas. They now live in Mallorca and are deeply connected with DIMA.