The courage to show up

By Vira Drotbohm


2.4Do you know doubts? Do you know indeciseveness? Have you had moments where you are standing on a junction and don’t know to walk right or left. So you sit down, right there, in the middle of a big question mark, afraid to make the wrong move, gaped out – waiting for the big answer to come. The Yoga people talk about Karma, which means that every one of our actions has an effect, a consequence…. boooh…more pressure. Am I creating the life that I want to? If I turn right now, where might that lead to? Mistakes seem just a step away…so I better stay home. Do I?
But suddenly you know it is not about turning right or left. It’s about this sitting down moment.

Waiting. Tuning in. Remebering intuition. Connecting to an inner creative force that knows what move wants to come next. That force has nothing to do with right or wrong’s. It has nothing to do with thinking, calculating and planning. It is pure Creativity based on Trust and Inner knowing. It’s big. The peak of understanding is: if that move leads to trouble, it’s okay. That’s the next teacher then. To be creative means to be ready to face life with all consequences. Painting an empty canvas, is a good preparation but Creativity for me has a much bigger impact.

The famous Nike Ad expresses it with : „Just Do it !“ Same as Mr Obamas’s: Yes, You Can.

Creativity sometimes needs this encouragement I think, as we are all so scared to do something new, aren’t we ?

In wonder ( and a little despair) I liked to watch my small niece who, when she was visiting, allways ran in my room without even saying hello and in no time she created a totally new space. Her space. Cushions were placed in the bathroom, books had to be turned upside down, clothes had to be spread in all corners and some plants had to go give up their leaves. She shows me: Chaos and Creativity can go hand in hand, or as Nietzsche put it: “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

Celebrating the star within. Learning to Trust. All the coming moments are worth it.