Approaching with an open heart

By Jamie Festa


Jamie FesterA month ago, on October 24, I came to DIMA for the amazing Alchemy of Touch Myofascial Chi Release Massage Course. Here, I would celebrate the mystery of the gift of touch, together with a wonderful group of people. However, somehow I missed the fact that it was to be held at an amazing conscious community and so, did not actually know that I was coming into a beautiful new family too.


From the moment I walked in the door, I felt immediately at home. My heart was open and was received, and I was beyond comfortable. So comfortable that the course came and went, and I remained. Haha :)


It is now November 30 and DIMA has truly become part of my heart, clearly it always was…the house, the land, the extended community, but most of all the heart and soul of those creating the project itself…. my new family of DIMA: Charu, Kanika, and Kranti…….and, of course, my fellow massage course DIMA’n Ashleigh.  The times, stories, experiences, food, giving/receiving from each other, and the laughter and love we have shared during this month alone have been a constant reason to celebrate life.


With Thanksgiving coming, being that I am an American, I thought that it would be a perfect reason to celebrate more and to give thanks for all that DIMA has gifted me. We came together once again as a supportive, loving, collaborative family and had a magical, 20s themed, Thanskgiving celebration, that blew my heart wide open. The food was amazing, the company superb, the costumes, dance, and laughter brought joy to my heart, but once again… was that under belly of family that just oozes with deep love, support and acceptance of each other. Celebrating the joy of life together, that was the real reason for celebration!


Throughout this joyous event, and as it came to an end, I was contemplating what celebration meant to me.  I began to think about how I – and as people, we – typically celebrate happiness, joy, love and all things light, but we tend to not be so celebratory about the more shadowy side of life and the feelings and experiences that come with it. With that thought, I decided to focus more on celebrating my life more fully. Celebrating myself more fully, even those trickier bits.


I have decided to celebrate my joy and my tears, my security and my fears. My love and my hatred, my ups and my downs, all things light and all things dark.  I have decided to celebrate ALL things and parts of me. It is helping me to shine my light on all aspects of me and brighten up the slightly dimmer pieces.  It has helped me drop resistance and have more acceptance and gratitude for all that is presented to me.  Mostly it has reminded me to not only fully celebrate myself, but FULLY celebrate all these aspects of those people that I have been blessed to share my life with, no matter how short the time was.  I am here to celebrate!!! I am here to celebrate me and I am here to celebrate you!!!!!!