DIMA is a non-profit organization that puts every contribution towards the realization of its vision.To make this heart project come to life we depend on the good will and generosity of our tribe to give DIMA a helping hand and enable it to grow into strength and autonomy.

Be it picking up a shovel to dig compost ditches, donating money for building solar showers and dry toilets, or the giving of some chairs, beds and other practicals, all help is welcome and deeply appreciated and will be put to use respectfully.


So if you feel to….



…come live, work, learn and play in a community of like-minded people in which we grow with and from one another. In tune with DIMA´s vision we will learn and teach low-impact living around and inside the house as well as offer meditations and time and space for creative expression.



…you would like to donate to any specific program of the project, or give a contribution to help realize this visionary undertaking.



…you have anything practical, from furniture to gardening tools, to a special skill that can help promote Low-Impact Living and that aligns to DIMA´s vision…


…please contact us at info@dimamallorca
with love and gratitude,
yours truly,