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Preparing the Ground


Spring 2021


By Mariana Borau

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Sowing the Seeds

By Kanika Frings

Beloved friends, dear DIMA tribe,   We are back for another season of miracles! It has been quiet around DIMA for a while as we were integrating a tumultuous year and assimilating all the changes and impulses it has brought.   As challenging and disorienting as 2020 was, I have to say it was a…read more



Summer 2020

Radical Compassion

By Kanika Frings

The world is in turmoil. In the small and in the big. Everything is in flux and our common human reaction to change, unfortunately, is a state of defendedness. Not that it is wrong per se to defend in the face of turmoil, but it does leave little space for a fluid and compassionate responsiveness….read more

Nature´s compassion

By Kanika Frings



Spring 2020

An Opportunity for Change

By Kanika Frings

It is an intense time we are in, no doubt, and to say it is an opportunity, might come across naive and ignorant and from a privileged perspective. All are true, in some way.   I have no idea what is really going on, not for a lack of trying to understand, but for a…read more

DIMA in Lockdown

By Team DIMA



January 2020

Surrendering to the heart

By Toby Pritchard

Surrender. We all know what it means. We love it when everything in our life appears to flow together, in a stream of interconnected events. Our desires are made manifest, often in magical ways and are accompanied by fresh insights, unexpected joys and broadened horizons. But what about when life doesn’t go our way? This…read more

YES to surrender

By Kanika Frings

SURRENDER I have come to believe that surrender is the answer. And i say that, not solemnly and dogmatically, but with a big grin in my heart. With a surrendering to that knowing, that comes from somewhere much deeper then where concepts and good intentions come from. Sure, one can say “easier said than done”,…read more

DIMA 2019 – Some glimpses

By Team DIMA

DIMA 2019 – Some glimpses of this and that of an awesome and rich year…..  



June 2019

Integrity and truth

By Jennifer Millar

in·teg·ri·ty: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.   The deepest meaning of this word for me has been trusting and expressing the whispers of truth that roar through my psyche, no matter how much fear I have to face. I learned a long time ago that this “truth”, when honored and…read more

Integrity and me

By Kanika Frings

A big word that rings voluminous and weighty to me. I must admit i have been carrying this big word with it´s simple but somehow grand significance around with me for a while now. What it really means i don’t dare say, as it must mean different things to different people. Almost like truth i…read more

DIMA in June 2019

By Team DIMA

This June we had a wild and wonderful Yoga and Meditation Retreat, an Earth Blessing Ceremonie, some Wildlife rescue missions, and many sweet moments with friends, nature, the full moon and new moon, with the summer days and and mystical nights….get a feel for last June in DIMA….  



May 2019

Fitting in vs. belonging

By Kanika Frings

This must be the mother-ship of the array of themes that keep me engaged and confronted throughout my life. It is only now dawning on me that this theme has been following me on my path like a shadow, going wherever i go, often unnoticed. Who knows where exactly it comes from, though some plausible…read more

May 2019 at DIMA


A gorgeous month it is in Mallorca…..the flowers blooming all over, the sun is soft and sweet, summer is in the air and life is goooooddddd…. We enjoyed a month with two big groups dedicated to a Japanese healing arts, with wonderful people. We feel very blessed to be able to host such gracious guests!…read more



April 2019

Into the depth of my waters

By Bibi Backx

Safe on the surface of the known   Since I was a little girl, I have been in a strong relationship with knowing. I have been conditioned to believe that the more I know, the more I am able to understand, to explain, to control. Knowing has been my closest friend, my lover, my companion,…read more

The depth of Light

By Kanika Frings

A word and quality i have loved for a long time now. It is also a daunting phenomena of course, as, how could it be different, you don’t know what you will find if you venture inwards, toward it. It is a place that does not just imply it´s vertical extent but also it´s wide,…read more

DIMA in April

By Team DIMA

We are back!!! It has been a long and adventurous winter with many experiences, new impressions, contemplation and inspiration. Now DIMA is back, after an in-depth spring cleaning, for it´s 4th season that we initiated with an intimate Spring Festival, which was followed by a lively painting group in nature….here some impressions for you….  …read more



March 2019

Communication: From knowing to not knowing

By Charu Eliza Hermsdorf

Communication, what a vast field to explore, what an endless challenge, what a well of infinite surprise and fascination. For a long time I would have considered myself a very communicative person. I find great pleasure in speaking, chatting, entertaining and there are few things, that do not interest me. I can pretty much speak…read more

A commitment to communication

By Kanika Frings

Yes, this is a BIG one. And precisely because it is such a considerable and wide-ranging subject I have decided to not just make it the theme of this months Newsletter, but to dedicate DIMA´s season to the focus and intention on clear, compassionate, constructive and healing communication.   To be perfectly honest, communication, especially…read more

Recharge & Happy New Year


October - December 2018

DIMA´s 3 year anniversary Festival

By Team DIMA

       Picture credit goes to David Küster –    

DIMA in autumn and winter 2018

By Team DIMA

First and foremost we would like to wish you an amazing, fulfilling, abundant and joyful 2019! May it bring all that your heart longs for….       As you might have noticed it has been quiet around DIMA since November. We have not sent you any Newsletters and our posts are infrequent. Yes, you…read more

Video clips of DIMA this Fall….

By Team DIMA

Festival Vibes- 3 year anniversary with Dinraj, Deven and friends…       DIMA in Fall..the lushness of autumn rains coming in….Halleluja!  



September 2018

Humility – Letting go of pride

By Aruna Jacobi

Humility is a theme that keeps confronting me in the last months, stirring me up when I go deeper into it. And because it makes me so uncomfortable, so restless, so edgy, I know that I just can’t jump over this steppingstone on my path to self-discovery. I’m challenged to explore this issue more intimately….read more

Falling for humility

By Kanika Frings

Just as you feel life is in total support of you soaring to the skies, giving you all the signs and tools to strengthen those muscles and pluck up the confidence to step to the edge of the cliff and proudly open your wings to fly, it throws a hefty gush of wind at you….read more

September at DIMA

By your Team DIMA

September at DIMA, have a peak… and downs and round and rounds……:)    

Not knowing



August at DIMA

By Team DIMA

Relaxing into not knowing

By Kanika Frings

I have spent the last two weeks weighing out options for what to focus on in this months Newsletter. I simply did not know which one to go for. Not that i hadn´t already had a theme planned, but that one felt inappropriate. Then i had settled for one that felt acceptable but not fully…read more




Practicing energetic Power

By Anando Würzburger

An Interview by Ishu from the German Osho Times with Anando Würzburger who´s been working with the hara since 1990, actually since Osho left the body and had shortly before given some little, but powerful instructions in how to bring awareness to the hara, the center of being. He had given that work the name…read more

Flirting with Power

By Kanika Frings

Power is something that has been “haunting” me lately. Haunting in the sense that it has not given up on me despite my giving it the cold shoulder. It´s been like a tenacious flirt i have been playing hard to get with. Secretly we know we like each other, but openly admitting it feels shameful…read more

July at DIMA

By Kanika Frings

So many powerful happenings at DIMA this months, have a look…..  



June 2018

Tell your fucking truth

By Jeff Foster

I have seen miracles happen, when people just tell the truth. Not the ‘nice’ truth. Not the truth that seeks to please or comfort. But the wild truth. The feral truth. The inconvenient truth. The tantric truth. The ‘fucking’ truth. The truth you’re afraid to tell. The horrible truth about yourself that you hide in…read more

DIMA in June

By Kanika Frings

The relaxed month of June, filled with detox, traveling, relaxing, paella, Chakra retreat and cold & hot baths….mmmmmm  



May 2018


By Jamie Festa

  HEAR ME ROAR AND WACTH ME WAIL…….I AM WOMAN My woman is so big, so rich, so wise, creative, and alive. She is magical, playful and absolutely ridiculous in the silliest and most outstanding way…..she is wild, out of control, natural, abundant, fun, she is a clown, a performer and absolutely worthy of the…read more

Wise, Wild and Worthy….Woman.

By Deena Dadachanji

Archetypes have been used by psychologists, philosophers and spiritual teachers to understand and make sense of our life experiences, tell our stories, uncover our subconscious realms and ultimately lead us to greater awareness and thus liberation.   As a woman walking the earth at this time of transformation, I – and so many of the…read more

Femininity and receiving life

By Kanika Frings

Writing about femininity seems like describing a wave in action. It seems to change so fast and has so many different facets. From strong and powerful, to soft and tender. Sometimes persistently hammering the shore without merci, other times quietly moving in and out, barely making a sound, calmly smoothing out the traces of disruption…read more

May at DIMA

By Team DIMA



April 2018

Being in the fire of Inquiry

By Vira Drotbohm

I remember how many years ago in Pune, India I hosted a big party. It was a special event for me as I just received my spiritual name and felt myself like an excited newborn on the spiritual path. I had no idea what Sanynas meant or where my direction was, but I felt committed…read more

How inquiry changed my life

By Kanika Frings

Who would have thought that such a simple practice as curiously looking inside oneself can have such a dramatic affect on ones life.   It makes sense if you consider that applying frequent and focused interest on anything else, for a longer period of time, one would eventually gain an in-depth understanding of the object…read more

April in DIMA

By Team DIMA



March 2018


By Rupda

Self:Worthy What is your relationship with your self worth? Many of us are challenged by this deep feeling of having a lack of self confidence, or self worthiness. You can see in the world today that there is a pretty massive issue around feeling truly worthy inside. It shows up in work, in our need…read more

Balance and carrot cake

By Abhinav Alex Mamatis

The first thought that crosses my mind when I look on the title goes to carrot cake. I do always have to use a weighing device that helps me balance the exact proportions of the special ingredients I have selected to assure delight for the different senses, assistance to the bowl for an easy digestion…read more

Balance by Kanika

By Kanika Frings

Oh boy. I am not sure i am in anyway qualified to offer insight on this subject.   The reason it drew me in the first place is because i feel it is an admirable and advantageous quality to have and i would love to learn a thing or two about balance from those that…read more



February 2018

Authenticity – Becoming Real

By Prem Aruna Jacobi

   “Truthfulness means Authenticity, to be true, not to be false, not to use masks. Whatsoever is your real face, show it – whatsoever the cost. To be authentic means to remain true to your own being.” Osho, Yoga: A New Direction, Talk #7   I’m on the path of no return.  My only true…read more

Authenticity – a tricky affair

By Kanika Frings

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde   Authenticity. At once the biggest and the most worthwhile challenge I can think of. What else really matters?! That might seem like a strange question/remark in the larger scheme of things, but i honestly  believe it is not. Sure, there is war and hunger and…read more



January 2018

Beyond Curiosity

By Dervisha Schneider

  “Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth.” Thich Nhât Hanh   A few months ago Erich, my father died. The cognitive functions of the brain had been retreating with Alzheimer since years before, first unnoticed, then more and more obvious. He ended his life in a beautiful home…read more

Curiosity with humility

By Kanika Frings

The curiosity i am interested in addressing this month is the one that goes hand in hand with humility.   I am intrigued with the quality of curiosity that assumes not to know. When you have to completely let go of what you think you know in order to see what it really is that…read more

The New comes from the Beyond

By Osho

QUESTION: What has gone wrong? Why is it that people meet everything new reluctantly, and with fear, rather than with eager joy?   OSHO’S ANSWER: THE NEW DOES NOT ARISE OUT OF YOU, IT COMES FROM THE BEYOND. It is not part of you.   YOUR WHOLE PAST IS AT STAKE. The new is discontinuous…read more

DIMA in January

By Team DIMA

Though life is rather quiet at DIMA right now, this January we have pruned the vines in the courtyard, so they blossom anew once spring comes and we have received a generous donation of furniture by new friends of DIMA. Thank you Stefania & Co.!!!  



December 2017

A new roof for DIMA

By Team DIMA

Yes! Just in time for the rainy season…:) No more drip dripping in the middle of the nights or flooded kitchens :) DIMA is getting a brand new roof. Hurray!!!      

The gift of vulnerability

By Kanika Frings

  Inspired once again by Brené Brown´s talk on the “Power of Vulnerability”, i have chosen this as the theme for the month of December, last of 2017. I think its is a great way to bring this year to a close, to talk about opening. To honour daring and whole-heartedness.   Vulnerability is a…read more



November 2017

Gratefulness in the grand scheme of things

By Raji Atorf

Being asked about gratitude, I can clearly state, yes, I am grateful. What a beautiful feeling and what a beautiful insight. Who are we anyway? We came to life and got it all. Being born a human being, capable of seeing colours, loving, playing, eating, drinking, dancing, singing, laughter, speech, poems – all – a…read more

DIMA in November

By Team DIMA

November is the month to settle the excitements, to let the blood simmer down, to watch the leaves drop, to wrap up and to be grateful. To support this process we had our yearly Vipassana with Neerava Paul Berners happening, in which we all participate in one way or another, allowing us to integrate and…read more

Gratitude washing over me

By Kanika Frings

The 2017 season at DIMA has ended, and once again I am in utter awe of the tides that have washed through the place again this year. Bringing teachings and insights, gifts and zen-sticks.   Cleansing itself of old and redundant residue, caressing the loved and cherished ground and making space for the new and…read more

New Horizons


October 2017

October in DIMA

By Leonie Alt

Isn’t it the most cliché moment, thinking about new beginnings by watching the sunrise? One of the best spots is definitely DIMA’s beautiful terrace in the early morning. It was my last morning waking up in DIMA.   This month and time of the year is about transition. At the same time I find myself…read more

New Horizons

By Team DIMA

See what this past month of October brought us! so many beautiful celebrations at DIMA



September 2017

Relating – name it to tame it!

By Isabel Kresse

Last Sunday we celebrated DIMA´s second birthday with many people and friends. I am so happy that I could join the party and want to thank Charu and Kanika that they have created this place where people can experience in so many different ways. And thanks to all who have contributed in many different ways….read more

Relating through kindness

By Kunji Baerwald

The Dalai Lama said in one of his books that he talks to everyone in the same way, wheather he is the president oft he United States, a garbage man or a murderer. This quote stayed with me. Of course it is a great intention to behave like this. But whenever i see how people,…read more

September at DIMA

By team DIMA

September was a month filled with opportunities to practice relating, from an all men´s group filled with bonding and tribal rituals, to the heart-opening Awakening of Love, to a spectacular 2-year-DIMA-Celebration and a 3-day-intensive founder meeting. It has been a jam-packed few weeks. Have a look for yourself, here are the pictures…..   with Love, your…read more

To relate or not to relate, that is the question

By Kanika Frings

Relating, – hands down one of the most complex and challenging things about being human.   Wonderful, scary, frustrating, exhilarating and everything far and in-between. Sometimes it feels like you can’t live with or without it. It´s equally heart-wrenching and heart-filling.   There are days where i dream of living in a cave on the…read more



August 2017

On Being “All In”

By Ana Wardley

My two favourite party games provide a clue to the intensity with which I live my life. Firstly, Egg Roulette, where players take it in turns to pick an egg to smash on their foreheads where all but one is hard-boiled. Secondly, Yoghurt Risk, where players take out a strategic spoonful from a large tub…read more

Just Do It!

By Rita Sailer

I felt honored as the DIMA team asked me to contribute an article to their monthly Newsletter. I accepted straight away without even knowing what I will have to write about. To this, these will be my first words to will actually go public and hopefully be read by hundreds of readers. So it is…read more

Feeling alive

By Jamila Kresse

  Imagine you’re on a roller coaster. You are on the highest point, where it stops far, far away from the ground. In front of you it goes down. And you know exactly, that, in a few seconds, the rollercoaster goes down this way, with you on it.   I don’t know how you would…read more



July 2017

Revealing, Releasing and Healing

By Marc Diva Itzler

Somewhere, at some time, in early life, I came to a conclusion.   As a small child, it became apparent to me that my vulnerability, my fragility and my anxiety was a problem.  It upset people. It especially upset my father. When he saw fear in me, it enraged him. He simply could not cope…read more

Sensitive people

By Brenda Alas Delgado

I think the title for this article is very relevant for me at this time that I’m leaving Dima after staying consistently for 4 months.   Sensitivity have been the main reason why I have such a hard time to be in communities or to spend time with people. I believe to be a very…read more

July with sensitivity, at DIMA

By team DIMA

See below the photos of July 2017 at DIMA, with the Columbian shaman´s that brought their magic to our house, impressions of Roshan´s intuitive Painting group and Sujati´s massage training, all of which require great sensitivity on a physical and emotional level…  

With fear comes sensitivity

By Kanika Frings

It sure has been a sensitive month. Writing about it, exposing it, as i am feeling sensitive, feels sensitive in itself.   Sensitivity seems to have so many aspects and facets, nooks and crannies to it, that it is hard to captivate them all in a short article. There is sensitivity in physical touch or…read more



June 2017

Of flexibility and warmth

By Paola Thieme Tripoli

I receive this last minute invitation from Dima to write about flexibility as a possibility to see where I am at with this quality in my life right now and share it with you. I realised how much flexibility I gained on my path of yoga and meditation on the past years; flexibility in ways of…read more

Opening to new experiences

By Gemma Heinen

Flexibility … what came to my mind first was a big „thank you, Brenda“ for practicing Yoga with me every day while I stayed at DIMA – it surely improved my physical flexibility.   But the longer I thought about the word, the more I realized the broad meaning of this word „flexibility“:   I…read more

The month of June at DIMA…

By team DIMA

The month of June was another eventful one, have a look for yourself….  

Flexibility or the art of letting go

By Kanika Frings

When I first arrived to Mallorca together with Charu, having this insane plan of a Centre in the countryside together, we went to a ceremony.   My intention was to find some guidance for this new path. After a rather uneventful night of tribal sounds and sage fumes, I left in the next morning, having…read more




DIMA is for astronauts

By Gopal

It is Challenge that brought me to the doorsteps of DIMA. Re entering communal living was my challenge, not by economic needs, but that of information, of finding out, how I mirror with others.   Questions such as:  “Who am I at this moment?” and “Who can I trust to tell?” arise when entering a…read more

Living at DIMA

By Paige Wallace

It’s 7:30 on a Monday morning. I’m sitting on the terrace, bathed in golden light and listening to the pleasant chatter of the birds. My mind is at ease save for one thought: I am thinking about what a challenge it is to live at DIMA. I say that with a great deal of sarcasm….read more

Challenges come and go

By Isabelle Vogt

Challenges come and go Some take seconds, hours, weeks, years or even longer Some are just a present or not, they can be given Some are written by oneself Some are changing through time, or occurring again and again Some are tiny, some are life changing Some are easy to handle Some are difficult …at…read more



April 2017

God´s gift

By Martyn & Jyoti

I was sitting in a whirlpool this morning surrounded by sepia tinted hand painted images of half naked Grecian or perhaps Roman women exuding the graces. As I lay alone in the azure blue water, in a whirlpool that refused to whirl at all, I considered how very different the world was then as goddesses…read more


By Anne Weber

When DIMA asked me to contribute a short text about humour for the upcoming newsletter I googled and found out that a person is considered humorous who is skillful in the use of humour, as in writing, talking, or acting. Aha. Nice.   20 Minutes later: I am sitting in front of my computer, trying…read more

When drama goes, humour comes..

By Kanika Frings

Humour is not an attribute i would ever use to describe myself with. Not because i think i don’t have a sense of humour, or that i can’t thoroughly appreciate someone else’s wit, it´s just that i always had the notion that being humorous meant being funny, and well, being funny is not exactly one…read more



March 2017

Finding Vitality at DIMA Mallorca

By Lucy Scott and Brian Williams

We came to Mallorca in mid-December 2016 to run a Transformational Breath® introductory weekend and stayed on the beautiful island until the end of January 2017. Our therapy businesses in Northern Ireland tend to go a little quiet over the Christmas and New Year period and we felt that it would be a good time…read more

Strengthening our Vitality

By Chlöe Monteiro

Coming from a still winter in Amsterdam to a vibrating spring on Mallorca. What an amazing transition!   The winter is our time of stillness and going inward. The time where we take a step back and recharge ourselves. We become like seeds under the ground. Refilling ourselves with energy, to be ready to blossom…read more

Spring at DIMA

By team DIMA

Here it is, Spring! Every year a new gust of vitality sweeps over the land and takes our breath away. Every morning new buds are cracking open revealing gentle greens and lush colours. Yesterday we watched in awe as the peacock performed his mating dance, theatrically showing off his vibrancy, wooing the female with all he has…read more



Febuary 2017


By Juliane Allen

“Experience” is a very diverse topic, it affects and influences all aspects of our lives. If you have experienced something, then you have lived it and not just read or heard about it. You have felt what it feels like, tasted or smelt it, seen it with your own eyes. Our experiences shape us, whether…read more

Experiences – Less is Better

By Komala Lyra

  So many experiences available in the market of healing arts and personal growth, spiritual initiations, adventures and other enticing possibilities… But what is really an experience that transforms and brings remembrance?   As I was invited to write something under this title, I was tuning in, opening to what might come through …  …read more



January 2017

Growing into simplicity

By Subodhi Schweizer

When I was asked to write an article about simplicity, I immediately felt a deep ‚yes‘ inside. If I think about simplicity some images arise:  an innocent child playing and connecting with no goal or expectation.  A monk carrying water from the well, doing nothing but what is needed in this moment. In both of the…read more

Contraction & Expansion


December 2016

A colorful dance

By Dervisha Schneider

„Be – don’t try to become“ – Osho   Stumbling along on this path called “my life”, all experiencing seems so ephemeral that by and by writing about it and even much talking about it seems irrelevant or futile and communication about insights about the mystery of life and “the beyond” appears even presumptuous. Who…read more

The intrinsic cycle of life

By Kanika Frings

Contraction and Expansion, the intrinsic cycle of life.   One that seems incredibly hard to surrender to for most of us. In nature it is a no-brainer, the sun rises and sets. Flowers open and close. Seasons come and go. Breath in, breath out. The heart expands and contracts in rhythmic perfection, continuously pumping life…read more

DIMA´s Volunteers, Helpers and Friends – an Invitation

By Team DIMA

The second year at DIMA is about to begin and we are still in awe when looking back on this first year. What an experience!   We began in September of 2015, at the time just three of us, with the keys to a 300 year old Finca that had been empty for almost 45…read more

DIMA in Winter

By Team DIMA

DIMA in Winter is as beautiful as ever. During our winter break we have some lovely caretakers staying that practice Yoga and Transformational breath, enjoy cozy nights by the fire and breakfast in the crisp morning sunshine. Even the colder month bring it´s own special flair to the surroundings…..we wish you Happy Holidays….:)    



November 2016

May we be still

By Jamie Festa

  As we come into winter we watch things slow down, it gets cold and we retreat more and more into ourselves. If we observe nature we see animals doing the same as they hibernate and go inside.   DIMA, as well, closes its doors and becomes still for the winter, giving space for the…read more



October 2016

Meditation is remembrance

By Philippe Nirav

For almost 30 years MEDITATION has certainly been the one word running continuously through my daily life. Combined I must have spent a few years “in meditation”. Satori groups, meditation retreats, 10 days Vipassana courses, 5 and 7 weeks retreats in complete silence and isolation, and the daily routine of at least 3 hours of…read more

Meditation and more…

By Team DIMA

As the season of 2016 is slowly coming to an end, DIMA is quieting down and together with the nature that surrounds it, progressively turning “in”.   I find as the season gradually changes, the sun sets earlier, leaving silent twilight in its wake, it is as if the whole of existence is calming. The…read more

Sunrise at DIMA

By Team DIMA

Buddha Hall sounds

By Team DIMA



September 2016

Instinct is all there is

By Philippe Nirav

It has been a rich creative day and the sun is setting. The phone rings and I am being asked if I could write about “Instinct “. Short notice sorry. “What? Instinct? Now? …Oh, okay, YES! “ I have never thought about Instinct. It is not a word I use much and I have no…read more



August 2016

Dance Nourishes Intuition

By Komala Lyra

In-tuition ~ learning from the inside… Usually learning is associated with new information, something that comes from the outside to add content or understanding to a significant theme. What has been conveyed down the ages as education requires effort, concentration, memory, external focus, and the idea of increasing data, which will then need to be…read more

Only Connect!

By Tobias Oliver

Life without connection is just a random collection of dots. It is only by joining the dots, by connecting, that we can reveal the full picture, and find both meaning and purpose. This connection can take many forms – a deep bond to nature, a profound stirring to a work of art, the special relationship to…read more

August at DIMA

By team DIMA

Summer at DIMA was eventful as ever. Have a look at the pictures here…    



July 2016

What is joy? – From the darkness cometh the light

By Anna Wardley

  It’s hard to escape the comical irony that I was asked to write this article about joy on the very day I entered one of the darkest, most painful and frightening experiences of my life – an episode which sent me to a hell of my own creation, where for a while I lost…read more

Joy – an intrinsic quality of everything alive

By Aruna Jacobi

Osho says: “Joy is the spiritual dimension of happiness, in which one begins to understand one’s intrinsic value and place in the universe”   Joy is everywhere when I’m at home in myself.  When Joy rises within, everything becomes intimately connected. There is no boundary between myself and the Other, no separation between myself and…read more

Joy is the holy fire

By DIMA Mallorca




June 2016

From longing to devotion

By Martyn Rule

The experience of being alive can at times be very fragile and humbling. Being all too human is a journey of both becoming and dissolving, both, whilst we are here.   I´m reminded of the Rumi poem: Does Sunset sometimes look like the sun is coming up Do you know what a faithful love is…read more

Devotion has many forms

By team DIMA

Devotion comes in different forms and ways. This month at DIMA we have seen it shine through in the work invested in running this place, in the food that is cooked, in the music made from the heart, in the love for detail. We have experienced it at another wonderful Meditation Festival, abundantly held by Chetana. We have…read more



May 2016

Playfulness! Seriousness is scary and boring

By Astiko Schugt

Playfulness! Playfulness, I love this word! It evokes, joy, freedom, innocence, creativity, presence,lightness. When I was a child the magic moment was when I was told to go out and play. That meant for me freedom, unsupervised time to allow things to happen, to create, move, build, imitate,relate whatever. As I go deeper into it…read more

We like you




April 2016

Commited to our mission


We have BIG News at DIMA.   If you strip away all the things we came into this project with – dreams, visions, passion, fear, friendship, trust, naivety, foolhardiness, guidance, ignorance, love, and many many more attributes, among the ´hard core´, if not at the core itself, was and still is, unwaveringly – commitment. Commitment…read more

Commitment to what and who?

By Talib & Shubhaa Fisher

What does commitment in relationship mean to you? What is the difference between commitment and compromise in your intimate relating? These are questions we have asked ourselves many, many times in our lives and relationship together….it is an ongoing inquiry for us and something we find important and significant on a path of Conscious Relating….read more

Volunteers at DIMA

By Josie & Sabine

Detox at its best

By Anadi, Dheeresh & Simila

Nothing better then to begin the season with a Detox, rejuvenating mind, body and soul. From raw food delicacies to the nitty gritties of cleansing, we´ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Its been a wonderful experience, thank you Anadi, Dheeresh & Simila…  



March 2016

Self-Motivation through the body

By Sarah Haden

Being motivated about what we do is easier when our actions feel important to us and align with our values. We can’t bluff motivation: when our heart’s not in it, our body tells us loud and clear.   “The body is a map of the mind; the mind is a map of the body”  Hugh…read more

Welcome Spring Celebration

By team DIMA

Starting with a Kundalini Meditation, followed by a beautiful dinner and a roaring bonfire we welcomed spring to Mallorca…  



Februar 2016

Courage, Compassion, Consistency

By Sarjan Surya

Focus, what a Word!!! And such an important one these days!!   I would like to thank the DIMA team for inviting me to focus on this moment of writing and feeling.   This twenty first century that we are living in, it’s such and important time, the era of information. So many things happening…read more

Focus – I call it ‘being present’

By Chetana

Focus   ‘Focus’ is not a word which I use often in my vocabulary. Connecting with it now in order to put into writing what it means to me, I noticed, that I don’t really like its vibration. It feels pretty serious, effortful, boring, unflexible and single-pointed. Very much to do with head, mind and…read more



January 2016

Sustaining a vision

By Raj Jiwan

To keep a vision and sustain it is very difficult, that is the reason why I practice Kundalini yoga.   Visions are very unpredictable, they often come in different forms such as a sensation, a déjà vu, an idea, a thought, an image, or a word.  As veiled and unpredictable as they may be, they…read more

Welcome to DIMA´s PROGRAM for 2016


We are happy, excited and proud to present you our 2016 Program, with a colourful and abundant mix of Groups, Retreats, Workshops, Meditations and other Events. We put a lot of work and thought into the mix, the quality, the facilitators, and the presentation. We hope you like it, we believe 2016 is going to be…read more

Vision by definition

By Charu Hermsdorf

“Vision” appears to be a somewhat broad and irritable subject for many, so I would like to begin by looking at the definition of the word vision.   Vision is the act of sensing with the eye. It is also the power of anticipating that which may come to be. A vision is an experience,…read more

Vision or no vision, that is the question

By Kanika Frings

Yesterday I asked two close friends of ours, Avesh and Varsha, if they would be willing to make a little clip for DIMA with this months topic “VISION”. As they are dear, supportive and inspiring new friends for me in the process of DIMA´s creation, I thought they would be the perfect guests to speak…read more



December 2015

Magic moments at DIMA

By Team DIMA and friends

Magic is everywhere

By Jamie Festa and Deena Dadachanji

Magic is the reminder of the essence and love in everything. It is the little sparkly bit that shows up. The magic begins in noticing and continues in our ability to create more of it. Recognising it allows us to play with it and then everything becomes magical. Magic is a twinkle. Magic is invoked….read more



November 2015

Approaching with an open heart

By Jamie Festa

A month ago, on October 24, I came to DIMA for the amazing Alchemy of Touch Myofascial Chi Release Massage Course. Here, I would celebrate the mystery of the gift of touch, together with a wonderful group of people. However, somehow I missed the fact that it was to be held at an amazing conscious community…read more

The DIMA effect

By Deena Dadachanji

I’ve been asked to write something about DIMA and the theme of ‘celebration’. I don’t know that this exactly relates to celebration in the mainstream sense of the word, but I certainly feel that a ‘celebration of life’ has been the essence of my whole experience here.   When I arrived at DIMA, I was…read more

Ko Hsuan & Friends Autumn Festival 2015 – Celebrating with friends


The Ko hsuan & Friends Festival 2015 was the first of an annual Festival, bringing together friends from all over, to hang out, share, celebrate, play and relax together.  

Giving Thanks Party


To celebrate this years gifts we closed the season with an abundant thanksgiving feast in 20´s style, food and drink galore, swing and dear friends, bringing this momentous year to a celebratory close. Wishing you all a heartfelt and cozy Christmas time!  



October 2015

The courage to show up

By Vira Drotbohm

Do you know doubts? Do you know indeciseveness? Have you had moments where you are standing on a junction and don’t know to walk right or left. So you sit down, right there, in the middle of a big question mark, afraid to make the wrong move, gaped out – waiting for the big answer to come….read more

Watching the grass grow

By Kanika Frings

What is creativity? Silence… Again, what is creativity? Nothing… I don´t really know. That is the honest answer.   I used to experience creativity as a difficult, uncomfortable, birth-giving like process. There was a lot of fear of failure, pre-conceived ideas and comparison around it. In short, creating anything was an arduous business for me. And…read more

DIMA´s unfolding

By Team DIMA

Have a look at how DIMA is coming along. Slowly but surely our old Finca has come back to life and and is shining more every day…



September 2015

Growth needs Patience

By Deva Prem A. Kreidler

What is patience? Is it an emotion?
If I ask you: ”what do you feel?” would you say: “Oh, I feel patient!”?
 Is it a series of body sensations? Is it a thought? 
Is it a moralistic shouldism? You should be patient! 
Is it one of the high virtues like honesty, faithfulness, truth, uprightness….patience?
 Is it…read more

Sowing Seeds

By Charu Hermsdorf

For most of us patience is challenging and there are multiple opportunities for training in every humans daily life. I observe lack of patience in myself and others mainly while driving, queuing up or when suffering from a slow WIFI connection. Those moments when you are so very much in the now, going somewhere, doing…read more

Renovation Meditation

By The DIMA Team & Friends

This September renovations have started in DIMA´s new home. Friends came from all over to help make this beautiful old Finca come back to life. Have a look at all the angels that are helping to create a very special place with us. We are so grateful for their support, it would not be possible…read more

Fresh Beginnings


August 2015

Wow, Mallorca… really? Really!

By Rafia Morgan

Quite some years ago I used to lead a group called Fresh Beginnings. It was designed for people that wanted to have a deep look over 14 days at their early life issues in order to confront the status quo of their personality imprints and beliefs so they could drop the baggage habitually carried from…read more

The journey to DIMA

By Kanika Frings & Charu Hermsdorf

We were asked several times for a little more personal background to us creating DIMA, and so here we have summarized for you, in a nut shell, what our last half a year, our fresh beginning, has been and felt like.   The most common and fervent reaction from people to us starting DIMA is …read more

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