DIMA is a place that wishes to offer people a different kind of experience to mainstream societies daily life.
A place where you can find a sense of community and a sense of yourself by consciously building a relationship with nature and the environment you are in. Through sharing, working, meditation, movement and contemplation. It is a time out and a time in.


We intend to create such an opportunity by offering a variety of programs open to Mallorca┬┤s locals as well as to people visiting from abroad.


We hereby invite you to come and experience this adventure with us!

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Ongoing Program

The ongoing program is specially aimed at the local community on Mallorca. It will include regular meditations, workshops and events providing a platform for friends to meet, to share and celebrate as well as a place to turn in.
The Ongoing Program includes food but is without accommodation.
It can be part day, whole day or a maximum of 3 days

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Guest Program

The Guest program is for anyone that wants to come visit DIMA to rejuvenate and recharge. As a guest of DIMA you will be part of the daily activities of the commune, including for example cooking, gardening, maintaing the house, meditations and sharing rounds. Visitors will be invited to participate in the ongoing program. There will also be time to enjoy the surrounding nature, go for walks in the forest, rest in the hammock or discover Mallorca.
The Guest Program includes accommodation and food as well as the ongoing program
Minimum stay of 3 days, maximum stay of 3 months

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Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is for those that want to live and work in a community based project. Being a volunteer includes working 6 hours a day and taking advantage of the ongoing program. At times there will be specially designed projects around low-impact living, in which you can learn from experienced people and create something together in a team. You will also be participating in the daily household chores and staff sharings. Its a program designed to experience work from another perspective, as an inherent, enjoyable and creative part of daily life, getting to know yourself in the context of a group of people jointly collaborating in the effort of bringing more awareness to our environment.
Minimum stay of 1 week, maximum stay of 3 months

Interested? Please write us and we will send you all the information

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Participant Program

The Participant Program is for those who have a limited amount of time at hand and want to dive right in. DIMA will be hosting intensive groups, workshops and seminars focusing on self-development and wellbeing through a vast variety of techniques. These groups or workshops will be held by experienced facilitators and will include primal therapy, tantra workshops, yoga and detox retreats as well as other spiritual, physical and growth oriented courses. Nothing else to do than focus on yourself and get the most of your stay.
The Participant Program includes the group or workshop as well as accommodation and food .
Stay is dependent on duration of group or workshop.


Offer workshops

Are you a facilitator, teacher or therapist and would like to offer your workshop at DIMA?

Write us at



For more information including conditions, house rules, prices, waver, etc. please contact us at


Please note that the offered programs have changing schedules and depend on the amount of people on site and that there are only limited amount of spaces available.
with love,

your DIMA team