8 years Dima festival


Starts: Friday October 20th
Ends: Sunday October 22nd


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Daily visitors no maximum, only
accommodation maximum 25 people


Per day: €50,- (including food)


DIMA residents

DIMA’s team consist of a bunch of souls who all commit and dedicate their lives to supporting themselves and each other in being the truth of who they are.


More information about the retreat:

What it is

Every year DIMA organises a festival at the end of the season, when it is her anniversary. During a festival we celebrate the place and honour all the magic that has happened during the year. The program consist of a beautiful mixture of various workshops and events that are typically offered. It is a real chance for anyone from the island or outside of DIMA to get a taste of everything in just a few days. And in doing so, connecting with an amazing group of people!


Every year the festival has a different theme, aligned with the season and the energetic field of that period of the year. Based on that theme, the program is created. In line with the curriculum of DIMA, the festival is right after the Vulnerability Wisdom Cycle. That cycle is all about an inner exploration and journey of vulnerability. Being in connection means being vulnerable. We will have just peeled offvthe layers of protection that often keep us isolated and feeling alone. With that vulnerable, open space created in the cycle and taking into consideration the current world situation with COVID-19 and more isolation than ever, we have the intention to celebrate our 7th year festival in the theme of Connection. What that means in terms of practices, workshops, events and gatherings, we will tap into later this season. But one thing we know for sure: it is going to be a festival that will make you leave in true connection to yourself, DIMA’s friends and family, and nature. We love to see you there!!!


DIMA’s team consist of residents only. We have all committed for the whole year to be living in the mystery school. This means that we participate in both the school’s curriculum as well as in the household shifts of the community center. Every single one of us will be ‘doing the work’; from being a student in each wisdom cycle to cleaning toilets and cooking dinner. We are all unique human beings and bring a different flavour and gift to the field, yet we vow by treating everyone equally. We are all students of life. Our hearts run wild for the quest for truth. We love and choose to live our lives with people who share this deep longing for truth, are willing to do the work and in doing open up to something greater than ourselves and call in the intelligence of the universe. And… with this longing as the foundation of our connection, space naturally opens up to enjoy the beautiful and yummy pleasures of life too! The team loves to share in celebration, outings, social gatherings and day-to-day life in the community. Join us!