9: Service and Gratitude

Living in thankfulness toward all of creation, we take the time to acknowledge that everything in the universe is in perfect and divine order, and so focus only on what is right with self and the world.

8: Meditation and Contemplation

With the understanding that meditation fuels the cauldron, electrifies the heart, and awakens the third eye, we drop beneath the realm of emotion as a pathway to diamond consciousness.

7: Vulnerability and Fear

Embracing vulnerability and fear as the keys to liberation. We explore how fear is the gateway to our divine self - it is our greatest potential in disguise.

6: Conscious Communication

Recognising the power of taking in divine guidance coming through others alongside owning and expressing our deepest truth as the means to backing up the Great Spirit moving through us and all things.

5: The Language of Energy

Learn to read, interpret, and express what the energy is saying within and around us, while strengthening the Hara as our essential muscle of divine. empowerment.

4: Only Love is Real

Living a life based upon the premise that only love is real and everything else we feel is a separation from love.

3: Transformational Prayer

A unique form of prayer that yields an immediate response from the universe, allowing you access to powerful healing energies.

2: The Divine Love Affair

Where we were first raised by the age-old fear-based conditioning of this world, we begin the process of being re-raised by the universe itself.

1: Sacred Space Holy Guidance

Sacred space is the field of experience that gets created when we open our minds, hearts, and centres to Divine Presence.