Surrender Cycle

This 3-week cycle opens us up to a peace and spaciousness beyond our ego's limitations. Letting go of who we think we are in order to be the inherent truth of our being.

Vulnerability Cycle

This 3-week wisdom cycle invites us to gradually soften our defensive structures in order to allow for more love and aliveness to penetrate our being.

Curiosity Cycle

This 3-week wisdom cycle will challenge our fixated modes of coping with the world and encourage the freedom of finding new possibilities.

Courage Cycle

This 3-week wisdom cycle will focus on uncovering the places in which we do not dare to live our truth and support a more authentic life.

Commitment Cycle

A 3-week wisdom cycle in which you will look at your capacity to have a ground to stand on in the face of challenges. You will learn to move from reaction to response.