September 25th

Ceremonial Newmoon Concert


Sunday September 25th
19:00 – 20:30


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 30 people


Concert: €20,– 
Concert & Dinner:


Bettina Maureenji

I am here to introduce you to this beautiful voice and music work. It may support you when waking up into the awakening. If you are ready to open up your heart even more and manifest the life you see in your vision than this is the method for you.

I am offering a program which is a combination of voice exercises, voice empowerment, breath work, intuitive mentoring and sound healing. Why am I using these tools? Because they are available to everyone.


More information about the workshop:

What it is

Join Bettina Maureenji for a Ceremonial Concert & Musical Prayer. A journey into other states of consciousness through sound, song and silence. These concerts are meditative, deep and elevating. We are invited to experience transformation through sacred music. By listening with our hearts to the instruments of Voice, Guitar, Shruti Box and Indian Sitar.

What you can expect

See Bettina Maureeji’s Website for more Information:

About the facilitator

I am an internationally certified voice and music healing facilitator, meditative musician, song writer, intuitive soul teacher, mystic and poet with accreditation in sound, voice and music healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California. During my time at CIIS I also deepened my studies on Transpersonal Psychology inspired by Grof, Maslow and Sutich.

I created The Medicine of Your Voice method and teacher training inspired by the Indian Classical Vocal Style Dhrupad and my life experiences. My studies in Tantric Buddhism and Sufism and ongoing studies fuse into this method that constantly unfolds.

My vocation is to inspire people to discover body and voice as medicine and an instrument which serves us in music and life. I am passionate about witnessing people connecting to their inner sanctuary through sound, song and silence in order to navigate the ocean of life with an open heart. I love when people awaken into their unique way of expression, discover their own music and assist others in their discovery. Music is ever where. Within a  word, within silence, in your eyes, in the movements of your emotions.