Friends of Dima -Dinner Party


Friday May 11th
18:00 – 22:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 20 people


Event: €15,-


DIMA residents

DIMA’s team consist of a bunch of souls who all commit and dedicate their lives to supporting themselves and each other in being the truth of who they are. During a dinner party the team also takes a break from the curriculum and loves to share life with all DIMA’s amazing friends and
family on the island!


More information about the event:

What it is

At DIMA we also love to invite in joy, playfulness, lightheartedness and fun. We organise various types of social events every so often to connect with friends, family and fellow travellers and share in the abundance of life. Come and join us for the first Dinner Party of this season we organise. We love to hang out, prepare and enjoy rich and healthy food and laugh with each other!

Over the years, DIMA has become renowned for the amazing food that is prepared with love, care and personal flavour of each of the residents or guests that have stayed in the community center. This night we prepare with even more love and joy an abundant buffet of delicious, healthy, vegetarian food. We would love to share the pleasure and enjoyment of food & a good glass of wine once in a while with our close friends & family on the island.


Expect yummy food. Expect a good glass of wine. Expect friends & family hanging out on a lovely spring evening with outside temperature getting higher. Expect the celebration of being alive, of friendship, of laughter, of the spirit of community. Expect feeling fulfilled afterwards, not only in the stomach, but also in the heart.

About the facilitator

DIMA’s team consist of residents only. We have all committed for the whole year to be living in the mystery school. This means that we participate in both the school’s curriculum as well as in the household shifts of the community center. Every single one of us will be ‘doing the work’; from being a student in each wisdom cycle to cleaning toilets and cooking dinner. We are all unique human beings and bring a different flavour and gift to the field, yet we vow by treating everyone equally. We are all students of life. Our hearts run wild for the quest for truth. We love and choose to live our lives with people who share this deep longing for truth, are willing to do the work and in doing open up to something greater than ourselves and call in the intelligence of the universe. And… with this longing as the foundation of our connection, space naturally opens up to enjoy the beautiful and yummy pleasures of life too! The team loves to share in celebration, outings, social gatherings and day-to-day life in the community. Join us!