October  7TH

Ecstatic Cacao Ceremony


Friday October 7th
16:00 – 19:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 50 people


Event: €25,-
(Including Dinner: €35,-)


DJ Ahureia

Katja is an experienced yoga teacher, Estatic
Dance DJ and a passionate believer and
practitioner of shamanic healing practices. She
loves to create sacred spaces, to share her
favourite medicine and take people on a
musical journey within.


More information about the event:


What it is

A Cacao Ceremony is a type of shamanic healing, but it doesn’t have hallucinogenic or “out of body” effects, unlike some other shamanic experiences. The Cacao plant is seen as a medicinal plant, and has been used for a number of spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout history. Cacao is naturally high in iron, magnesium, and B-complex vitamins; which gives it a number of physical benefits, as well as the spiritual benefits it has long been connected with. It helps us in this volatile and intense time around Full Moon to re-balance the energies within us and restore good health. The medicine is also known for opening the heart. Cacao will allow you to connect withyourself, and others, in a deeper way than before.

The combination of medicinal cacao intake and ecstatic dance is a powerful approach in opening the heart.

What you can expect

During an Ecstatic Cacao Ceremony we will be sitting in a sacred circle, making prayers, letting go of anything outdated, setting intentions and giving thanks for all the abundance in our life today. We will be drinking ceremonial grade cacao that has been ethically grown and harvested, often coming from South America. After sipping and enjoying the cacao, we will be guided by DJ Ahureia into an Ecstatic Dance, which allows the cacao to be activated within the heart and body, and create transformation. Through opening the heart, cacao enables us to hear our true self, work through blockages and past traumas, dissolve any pent up negative energy, and help us align with who we truly are.

About the facilitator

“Only those who listen to themselves with a gentle smile will get the best out of themselves,” is DJ Ahureia’s philosophy of life. She studied Sports and Social Sciences as well as Indian Philosophy of Life at Swami Vivekananda University in India. For over 25 years, she has devoted her focus to the interrelationships between mental balance and physical performance. Her two-month meditation in a Burmese forest monastery as well as trips around the world have had a lasting and intense impact on her. She discovered her roots, her connection to Mother Earth and the sacredness of shamanic traditions. She followed the rhythm of her heart and completed the Ecstatic Dance DJ Training with Kareem Raihani in Ibiza. Ever since, she has been facilitating Ecstatic Dances all over Europe. She loves to
combine the power of the Cacao Medicine with the musical journey she creates. DJ Ahureia says that with her expertise and experience, she believes she meet people’s longing to connect with their spirit through music and dance.