April  3rd

Sunday Satsang


Sunday April 3rd
09:30 – 14:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 25 people


Satsang: €5,-
Satsang + brunch: €20,

* ask about our Community Membership Card for the Island Community to get reduced prices 


The UTA Band

The UTA Band is currently organised by the musicians Basera, Nirdosh and Abha. The band’s core team also includes the musicians Abodha, Hendrik, Ishu and Atirup. The UTA Band plays in different line-ups, with guest musicians and friends joining them regularly.


More information about the satsang:

What it is

Every Sunday morning we gather together at DIMA to sit in Satsang. Sitting in a Satsang means sitting with the company of one’s self, of the truth, and that the truth is not to be found outside. Neither gurus, nor teachers, nor shastras can give it to us. It is inside of us and if we wish to attain it, we have to seek our own company. Be with ourselves. But we are always in the company of someone or other, and never at all on our own.

We will gather together as a community and listen to a Satsang bu Osho, a spiritual master. This is a one-hour sitting meditation supported by silence, music, humming and a quote from Osho. The music will be streamed live and played by the UTA Band of the Osho Uta Institute in Cologne.

The power of music: music can equally inspire, excite or calm us, ground us, become silent or reverent. How we perceive music depends on a wide variety of factors. Regardless of taste preferences: music does something to us! Music touches and moves us, especially when we can hear and feel it live. That makes music a door opener and a kind of means of transport on the journey to ourselves. Music can bring us into the here and now and into contact with us and our bodies.

By the virtue of the humming sound produced during Bhramari Pranayama, the nervous system gets activated and all the toxins and blockages get released. This very effective process stimulates working efficiency of the brain and helps in restoring inner calmness and peace.

After the Satsang we will enjoy a community brunch prepared  for everyone that wants to join by DIMA’s team & students. Please register at least two days ahead, so we can calculate food quantities more accurately.

What you can expect

Expect nothing. Just be present, observe and allow all thoughts and emotions passing by. Osho’s words on Satsang: “Satsang means, in close proximity to the truth; it means, near the truth, it means near a master who has become one with truth – just being near him, open, receptive and waiting. If your waiting has become deep, intense, a deep communion will happen. The master is not going to do anything. He is simply there, available. If you are one he will flow with you. This flowing is called Satsang. With amaster you need not learn anything else. If you can learn Satsang, that’s enough – if you can just be near him without asking, with a master thinking, without arguing; just present there, available, so the being of the master can flow in you.”

About the facilitator

UTA Cologne’s vision and deep concern of the heart is just as much today as it was 39 years ago here at the Osho UTA Institute to create a place where people can meditate and look inside regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation. They want to create a space in which everyone can go on their individual journey to themselves in a protected setting. A space that enables you to discover yourself and your own potential, a space for inner growth and personal development.

For precisely these reasons, the UTA Band traditionally accompanies the satsangs, the evening meditation on Saturday and the sannyas celebrations with live music with great passion. The UTA Band plays in different line- ups, with guest musicians and friends joining them regularly.