Man-in retreat


Starts: Thursday May 19th – 17:00
Ends: Sunday May 22nd – 20:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 20 people


Workshop: €450,- (excluding food & accommodation)


Kranti and Shiva

Kranti and Shiva have been travelling on the path together for many years and found a shared and common purpose in healing the world bu healing man. They are on a mission to empower men to support each other in becoming the new male role model on this planet by reconnecting them with the true power of their hearts, bodies and minds.


More information about the workshop:

What it is

Men gather to create and support a strong, collective presence with a unified intention to scratch below the surface and ask ourselves what stops us from really showing up in our lives. You will leave this weekend feeling deeply energised, inspired and connected. Connected not only to new brothers but to your own body and feelings, and to your life force energy. Man-in intends to create a space where men can come together to explore their masculinity in a safe and supportive environment because:
• We believe that we can uncover our intuitive knowledge about what being a man really is by exploring ourselves fearlessly with a community of other men;
• We believe that our fear, our discomfort, our anger and our longing to show up in the world as real men will show us the way to our authentic selves.
• We believe that by doing this, we dismantle unhealthy behaviour patterns that limit our ability to love, to be present with others, to act with integrity and to create and cultivate healthy relationships;
• We believe that we can only know and speak about our truth, and will support you only to find your own truth.
• We believe that by being grounded in our true and authentic selves, we will naturally embody the masculine and this will invite, encourage and support other men to do the same.

What you can expect

You will be introduced to material designed by Rafia Morgan, Co-Founder of Path Retreats and Co-creator of Rebel Wisdom to:
• Talk about things you wouldn’t usually talk about
• Inquire and be curious to look at old beliefs and patterns that hold you back
• Express feelings in a safe, held space without being judged
• Let go of repressed anger and frustration through different exercises and techniques
• Invite you to challenge some of your beliefs around fear
• Begin the journey to manifest becoming the Director of your life and not just an actor
• Start to discover your very own natural state of relaxed confidence as a man, grounded and rooted here on this earth, moment to moment, in your masculinity
• Be motivated to embrace leaning into your edge because you know this is what makes you come alive.
• To help process and integrate this inquiry work there will active meditations including Osho Dynamic and Osho Kundalini as well as a Transformational Breathing session.

Be ready for lots of physical activity like moving your body and using your voice to help shift old, blocked negative energy that has got stuck. There will be walks in nature, meditation and some variations of stretching and breathing exercises. You will leave this weekend feeling deeply energised, inspired and connected. Connected not only to new brothers but to your own body and feelings, and to your life force energy. Honouring the aliveness and strength of what it is and what it feels like to be masculine

About the facilitator

Steve (Shiva) Corbett BSc (Hons) Psychology MBPsS
For the last 10 years, exploring and embodying a healthy and grounded masculinity has been my purpose, both in my own personal development and personal/work life. Sharing this journey with other men fulfils me, and I am always filled with gratitude when I see how when men get together with this intention, the effects ripple out and impact on everyone, and every area of their life. Women benefit, children benefit, as does the world at large, and this is our gift to the world.

Kranti Seán Herron
Kranti Seán has immersed himself in self-development work for nearly 20 years. He lives at DIMA and is a core facilitator in the curriculum of the Mystery School. He leads Transformational Breath workshops, meditations and weekend retreats throughout the year. He is passionate about working with men supporting them to discover their true masculinity, to express themselves authentically and to not be afraid of vulnerability. He loves working with people, especially men, because he is always inspired by the bond of brotherhood that is created when men make a commitment to go “deep” together. The loyalty, trust and depth that cracks open the hearts of all the men involved, including his own, is deeply rewarding. Kranti believes when a man’s heart is open, true change is possible.