Ongoing Offerings

In addition and in support of the wisdom cycles, the curriculum of the mystery school offers an ongoing weekly program of meditation, day and weekend workshops, events and private sessions with practitioners. These offerings are open for both living-in students and people coming from outside DIMA.

meditation and yoga

Meditation is the foundation of everything we do at DIMA. It is a basic tool that helps us integrate and ground our experience in daily life most effectively. Cultivating an observer consciousness supports us in becoming less identified with suffering and thus creates more space and capacity for us to meet life openly, regardless of its circumstances. We will also be offering weekly Yoga Classes. 

Every day in the mystery school we offer morning and/ or afternoon meditations. The meditations will change regularly according to the monthly program.

Types of meditations: Silent Sitting, Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Chakra Breathing, Nadabrahma Meditation, Heart Meditation, Latihan Meditation, No-Mind Meditation and many more.
For whom:
Open to living-in students and people outside of DIMA, able to be booked individually
Free for living-in students, € 5-20 (depending on program & membership) for people outside of DIMA.

* ask about our Community Membership Card for the Island Community to get reduced prices 


On a weekly basis a variety of half a day and full day workshops are offered as part of the ongoing curriculum in the mystery school. These workshops are designed around a specific body of work and intend to shine light upon, move through and release blockages in our life flow through various modalities.  

Bodies of work: Enneagram to Essence, Transformational Breath, Family Constellation, Cellular Transformation, Yoga Workshops, Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda, Creativity Workshops, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Bodywork, and many more…
For whom:
Open to living-in students and people outside of DIMA, able to be booked individually
€40 half day, €80 full day (included in the price of the wisdom cycle+ program) 


DIMA will regularly host gatherings to deepen the connectivity of our Island community, to share and celebrate life together. Celebration is an essential part of the curriculum. It is a vital facet of integration of the work and a continuous invitation for lightness and playfulness to permeate our lives. 

Types of events: Festivals, Dances, Ceremonies, Concerts, Creativity, Social Gatherings
For whom:
Open to living-in students and people outside of DIMA, able to be booked individually
€10-25 (depending on program & membership) 

* ask about our Community Membership Card for the Island Community to get reduced prices

Private sessions

In addition to the group work, the ongoing program offers the opportunity to book individual sessions with experienced and specialized practitioners in specific time slots during the week. these private sessions can be a valuable resource and support in the unlearning process.  

Practitioners: Holistic Counselling, Enneagram to Essence, Transformational Breath, Spiritual Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Gestalt Therapy, Craniosacral Sessions, Intuitive Massage, EFT
For Whom:
Open to living-in students and people outside of DIMA

When: Tuesday and Friday slots

Price: €70 for an hour, €90 for 1.5 hours

Experiences shared

DIMA has been offering workshops, events and gatherings on the island for the past 6 years. These shared encounters have created a close and connected community of like-hearted people from across the world. Below you can read some personal accounts of experiencing DIMA’s ongoing offerings.

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