Kanika Frings is a Holistic Counsellor that is extremely passionate about discovering our human potential and thus uncovering the mechanisms within ourselves that stop us from living our essential nature. She has witnessed and experienced our innate capacity to heal and feels it is the most worthwhile endeavour to embark on, the journey of integration, and therefor individual and collective expansion. By intuitively combining a multifold of modalities she works specifically with each persons individual “make up”, both one on one and in group settings, to hone one’s own and the collective, inherent wisdom for insight, healing and transformation.

Her way of working is based and inspired on the Enneagram to Essence Work (Gurdjieff, Ichazo, Hudson, Chestnut & Paes, and others), Essence Work (Diamond Approach, A.H Almaas & Diamond Logos, Faisal Muqaddam ), Cellular Transformation (Jennifer Millar), Holistic Counselling (Rafia Morgan & Turiya Hanover), Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Work, Peter Levine), Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls), Constellation Work & Spiritual Coaching (Bert Hellinger & Klaus Horn), Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques (Osho Therapies & others).

What: Enneagram typing sessions, Holistic Counselling, Spiritual Coaching
When: Tuesday and Friday slots
Price: €70 for an hour, €90 for 1.5 hours


Kranti is a certified Transformational Breath Facilitator who gives monthly workshops at DIMA as well as providing a safe space for individuals to take their breathing sessions to a whole new level. These private sessions bring numerous physical benefits as well as massive emotional release. Not only that, you will have a spiritual experience where you will feel at one with your being. All one-to-one sessions begin with some personalized coaching with the sole aim to find an intention true to you in that moment. You will have heard of the saying “be careful what you ask for”. When your intention is so crystal clear, the universe bends backwards to manifest what you want to attract into your life.

What: Transformational Breath session
Tuesday and Friday slots
 €90 for 1.5 hours


Vira’s vision is to become slower, more sensitive and more alive. Be able to listen. To turn radically towards the body and treat it in such a way that the soul feels lovingly taken care of in it. To dare to open the ‘lid’ that so often suppresses all our unpleasant feelings. Healing begins with self- acceptance. Vira’s massage treatments help you to give the body full attention. Tensions are perceived and set in motion. Her techniques range from powerful deep, warming, holding and connecting touch. Massage, a quiet affair of the heart.

What: Deep tissue massage, Holistic Intuitive Bodywork
When: Tuesday and Friday slots
Price: €70 for an hour, €90 for 1.5 hours


Works with people to uncover core issues that manifest in stagnant behaviour patterns. In men’s work, focuses on building up the healthy masculine while integrating the perceptive and softer feminine. Through the balance of the masculine and feminine, we can live a more integrated self and connect on a deeper, more authentic level. Using the modalities of Cellular Transformation, encourages clients to drop into the instinctual felt sense of their body and greater mind. Sidhamo provides a safe non- judgmental container to help explore what stands in the way of fully being in our power and truth.

What: Holistic Counselling
When: Tuesday and Friday slots
Price: €70 for an hour, €90 for 1.5 hours


Craniosacral is a subtle and non-intrusive work, in which there is no need to undress and no oil is used. The purpose of a Craniosacral Biodynamic session is to support and cooperate with the inherent Health of our body. Craniosacral also has as a result, making the individual more aware of their own resources at all levels, which help them overcome traumatic moments, stress and illness. It consists of allowing the nervous system and all the systems related to it (endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc.) to self-regulate. This is achieved through subtle contact with the hands, in specific positions on the head, sacrum, spine and diaphragms along with a space of meditative awareness and sensitivity. Sarjan trained in Craniosacral Balancing at the Spanish Institute of Craniosacral Biodynamics(IEBCS) and later at the International Institute of Craniosacral Balancing (ICSB®) in Craniosacral Biodynamics and in various specializations, such as Treatment for babies and children, Birth Dynamics, Trauma Resolution Through the Somatic Experience, Advanced Craniosacral Biodynamics training and introduction to Bonding and Attachment. He is a professor and tutor in Craniosacral Biodynamics at the IEBCS in Barcelona and an accredited tutor at the ICSB® in Switzerland.

What: Craniosacral in Biodynamics
When: Tuesday and Friday slots
Price: €90 for 1.5 hours 


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