Oct  4 – 11


Service and Gratitude

“Living in thankfulness toward all of creation, we take the time to acknowledge that everything in the universe is in perfect and divine order, and so focus only on what is right with self and the world. We recognise that we’re not victims of anything ever and take full ownership of being the creator of this magical life. We live by the mantra: “How can I serve?”
— Jennifer Millar, 2022

service and gratitude

The Cellular Transformation Teaching Program consists of 9 fundamental principles. These 9 principles are synergistically interconnected, relating to and depending upon one another as an expression of one living body of wisdom. Nevertheless, in order to absorb and integrate them, we take each one on its own and focus intently on its vital role and function within the transformational process. We do this in a community setting to both utilize our environment for substantial learning purposes and to accelerate the process by virtue of mutual effort and intent.

In the ninth module of the CT Training Program, we learn to live in thankfulness toward all of creation, taking the time to acknowledge that everything in the universe is in perfect and divine order. We recognise that we are not victims of anything ever and take full ownership of being the creator of our own lives. We learn to give back and pay forward what was bestowed on us.


  • Letting go of cynicism, pessimism, and looking for what is wrong.
  • Seeing through the lens of positivity and gratitude: everything that happens to us is an opportunity for more growth and awakening; everything is welcomed as a gift from the universe to heal and awaken to greater love.
  • Gratitude practices: using gratitude to practice mindfulness; thanking the creator (out loud) for every blessing; thanking your friends; thanking your world; thanking yourself.
  • Victim blamer versus conscious creator: we are always creating our own reality; the power of owning our conscious and sub/unconscious creations; taking our power back – no more victim mentality; taking ownership at the soul level (why we chose our life’s circumstances).
  • Why service is essential to awakening: giving back and paying forward what was bestowed to us; getting out of the way; service is our calling; what is your calling?
  • Becoming the embodiment of service and gratitude – the by-product of being rooted in Spirit. 
  • The Integrated Whole Self.
  • Meditation.

Dropping beneath emotion and letting go of processing

Flowers at Dima Buddha Hall Mallorca Mystery School


This module is a 1-week immersive residential process. We dive into the theoretical teachings of the principle supported by an experiential structure consisting of tools such as meditation, CT circles; inquiries, private sessions, bodywork, movement, somatic release, etc. The structure will, above all else, be determined by the flow of energy and what is needed in the field.

You will be staying and participating in DIMA’s community centre. The community centre not only serves as a safe container, it also accelerates the integration of the Cellular Transformation Process. We will be creating and holding space together for the entire week (both during the group work and within the community household).

Arrival day is on Wednesday (Oct 4th), with the program commencing on Thursday morning and finishing on Tuesday evening (Oct 11th)


The total price for the module is: € 900,- .

This price includes:

  • 6-day CT Teaching Program
  • 7 days food (3 delicious vegetarian meals)
  • 7 days accommodation (shared 3 per bedroom)

The second and third modules of the CT Teaching Program directly follow this module and are designed to flow together as one series. If you choose to do all three, you will receive a discount of € 200,-. The package price for the Spring Series is €2.500,-.

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Package deal Summer Series

€ 2.500,-


and Fear

Sept 20-27, 2023


Meditation and

Sept 27- Oct 4, 2023


and Gratitude

Oct 4-11, 2023

*All prices communicated are INCLUDING food & accommodation in the community centre. Since the modules are residential programs, there are no prices without food & accommodation.



the Facilitators

The modules will be facilitated by a team of experienced and dedicated facilitators. Jennifer will be working closely with Kanika and the team throughout the year but will not be physically present during the modules. The facilitators will also be participating as students of the modules, as well as in the community centre. We are all teachers to each other and are truly committed to walking the talk. We dedicate ourselves to creating a safe and confidential space in which each individual feels enough trust to open up to the magic of the Cellular Transformation Process.

If you haven’t participated in a CT workshop with Jennifer Millar before, you must schedule a private session with one of the CT Teaching Program Facilitators as prerequisite to participate in one or more of the modules.


  • The modules are residential. Please commit to staying in DIMA for the entire week.
  • We ask that you don’t consume any alcohol or drugs during the modules and for 4 days prior to and after the modules.
  • Since the tendency to distract ourselves strengthens during intense processes, we ask that you follow the suggestions given by the facilitators regarding times of silence, limited time on the internet, or particular food intake.
  • We are acutely aware that the ego comes up with a myriad of excuses to sabotage growth and healing (even manifesting situations to prevent you from following through with your commitment to this program), so we are asking for a registration deposit of €300 that is non-refundable, 30 days prior to the start of the module. (In case of cancellation beyond 30- days, you will be refunded in full minus an admin fee of €50).
  • We ask for your flexibility. The schedule might change depending on the group needs, energy, and circumstances. Opening up to the mystery is our guiding principle, so being flexible and welcoming the unpredictable is part of the journey.

How to apply

Are you interested in participating in the CT Teaching Program? We ask you to complete the following steps of the application process. After filling in this contact form, team DIMA will come back to you on the follow-up process.

  • Register for a module by filling in the contact form below
  • Complete online questionnaire (will be sent to you in response to your registration) 
  • Intake session with one of the facilitators
  • Sign Responsibility Waiver
  • Secure spot with a deposit payment of €300