Welcome to the mystery school

Unlearning everything that is not real

Welcome to DIMA

DIMA is a place in which we learn to dissolve the barriers and integrate the disconnected parts of ourselves by participating in the mystery school’s curriculum whilst living in a community center devoted to the path towards greater connectedness.

In the mystery school, we do not believe we have to accumulate more knowledge in order to grow as human beings. On the contrary, we aim to unlearn everything that has gotten in the way of being truly connected to ourselves and others.

We intend to create a field in which we can safely unravel, heal and integrate the places in ourselves that are disconnected. This field is created by the holding environment of both, the mystery school’s purposefully designed curriculum and the living-in experience in the community center. We aspire to bridge the perceived gap between work and life, teacher and student, doing and being. 

Don't ask what the worlds needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because
what the world needs, is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

Living in the community center

For the past 6 years, DIMA has been a center for conscious living in which people can find a sense of community and a sense of themselves by consciously building a relationship with the surrounding nature and the intimate living environment whilst participating in taking care of our shared home by tending to daily household chores.

In 2022, DIMA builds upon this foundation, being the physical home of the school whilst providing a living-in experience for the students of the curriculum. Students of the school will become an integral part of the community through a minimum stay of one week, taking advantage of the ongoing offerings of meditations, events and workshops, and partaking in the domestic tasks. 

The shared daily responsibilities and the intimacy of the small community create a sense of care and belonging that provide a supportive container for the curriculum. It also serves as a fertile practice ground in which we may be triggered, mirrored, and challenged and thus be accelerated in the process of personal and collective growth.

The school's curriculum

Everyone living at or visiting DIMA becomes a student of the mystery school. Being a student means to know that you actually don’t know and that you are open to learn – and unlearn.

The curriculum of the school consists of a season long offering of modalities that support us to unlearn everything that prevents us from being our true selves. The curriculum is built upon the five core values of DIMA’s culture and the innate wisdom qualities that we believe are needed to help us in living the truth of who we are: Commitment, Courage, Curiosity, Vulnerability, and Surrender.

Next to these Wisdom Cycles, the curriculum also offers an Ongoing Program of daily, weekly, and monthly meditations, workshops, sessions and events. In addition, there will be several Intensives during the season as well as Conscious Holiday Retreats.

If you want your mind to be quiet,
Allow your heart to be loud.

Scott Stabile

The story of DIMA

DIMA was found in 2015 by Kanika and Charu. The project has attracted many friends and helping hands over the years. With all this amazing support, DIMA’s vision of a community center that supports love and growth has come to life.

DIMA is moving into the 7th year and with that, it is growing up and embarking on a new chapter in its life. It will be offering its own curriculum in 2022. Initiated from a heart-felt purpose, created by a new team of like-spirited people and backed up and supported by the energy in the field and the universe, we step into this adventure of being a mystery school.

We hope to share this adventure with many other students who also share a deep longing for truth, dare to take the next step out of their comfort zone and acknowledge the need for guidance and support in this unlearning process.

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