Welcome to the mystery school

Unlearning everything that is not real

Welcome to DIMA

DIMA is a place that is committed to supporting its guests and residents to live in authenticity and connection. It is a school and a playground in which we learn to detect and dismantle layers of our conditionings that get in the way of that natural flow of being. We do this by collectively participating in both the Mystery School’s curriculum and in daily life in the community centre, which both are designed and devoted to serve continuous growth and expansion.

In the Mystery School, we do not believe that we have to accumulate more knowledge in order to grow as human beings. On the contrary, we aim to unlearn and shed everything that hinders us from being truly connected to ourselves and others.

Together we create a field in which we can safely unravel, heal and integrate the places in ourselves that are disconnected. This container is created by the holding environment of the Mystery School’s purposefully designed curriculum as well as the living-in experience in the community center.

We aspire to bridge the perceived gap between work and life, teacher and student, doing and being. 

Don't ask what the worlds needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Becausewhat the world needs, is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman


In 2024 DIMA is going into a semi-sabbatical year in which we will be offering just a small selection of intensives and retreats, a number of day workshops and evening events as well as a summer month of a living-in community experience.

Outside of these offerings the community will be taking time out to focus on developing the next step in DIMA’s evolution. This means that in 2024 there is no possibility to visit the community outside of the scheduled dates (see schedule).

We are excited to take this season to explore the potential and future of our community, as well as supporting the individual’s calling within the community.

It feels like the beginning of a new cycle that holds promises of growth as well as the mystery of the unknown and we are excited to follow this enticing invitation. We will therefor harvest our energy and prepare for a bigger and longer term vision that wants to be birthed. A vision that hopefully expands beyond the borders of our physical location and will touch even more lives in the future. 

We will keep you posted of our findings. 

If you want your mind to be quiet,
Allow your heart to be loud.

Scott Stabile

The story of DIMA

DIMA was founded in 2015 by Kanika, Charu and Kranti. The project has attracted many friends and helping hands over the years. With all this amazing support, DIMA’s vision of a community center that supports love and growth has come to life.

After 8 years, another change is needed. DIMA keeps grown up and embarks on yet another chapter in its life. Since 2022 it has offered its own curriculum. Initiated from a heart-felt purpose, created by a new team of like-spirited people and backed up and supported by the energy, we are living the adventure of being a Mystery School.

The past years we have shared this adventure with numerous friends and students of life, who also share a deep longing for truth, dare to take leaps out of their comfort zone and acknowledge the need for guidance and support in this unlearning process.

We keep on trusting the organic unfolding of this project and change according to DIMA’s natural rhythm which, once again, steers us into new waters. Seemingly into quieter ones in this year.

Stay tuned for the next developments at DIMA.

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