life at dima

DIMA has attracted many friends and helping hands over the years. With all this amazing support, DIMA’s vision of a community center that supports love and growth has come to life. Hundreds of people from all around the world have felt drawn to this place. This close community reaches far beyond the center itself.

Life at DIMA can only be understood and felt by experiencing it yourself. It is a rich journey, every single day and it is hard to put this into words. Nevertheless, we have captured some moments and people over the years that hopefully give a taste of it. We welcome all students of the Mystery School in our community setting to both utilise our environment for substantial learning purposes and to accelerate the process by virtue of mutual effort and intent.

celebrating this magical place

We want to thank and honour the foundation that has been built over the last six years with everyone’s love and support of the shared vision of a community center that supports love and growth. We celebrate this together every year on DIMA’s festival.

DIMA will keep bowing down and inviting the mystery. This means that as we move forward, we stay open and curious to what the place needs. The curriculum of the school is an unfolding and integration of learning and unlearning, to remember who we are, practiced in daily life in the community. We do not get to choose how fast we move. As a community and individuals, we will be given what we need. We will listen to what the energy is telling us in the moment and act accordingly.