DIMA is a place which caters to an international community of like-minded individuals that strive to live their full human potential.To us, living consciously is not an achievement. It is a process, a lifestyle, a beautiful, adventurous journey that needs courage, commitment and support.


DIMA is in the process of creating a place where support can be found. Tools, guidance, like-minded-people and teachers in a beautiful, peaceful setting.
A space to be yourself, to grow, to learn, to inquire, to play and to experiment.


DIMA is an open invitation to a life-changing experience.



DIMA is based on the 4 Pillars of Self-Development, Community, Low-Impact and Well Being. It is a place designed to encourage self-realization through getting to know ourselves and rediscovering our intrinsic resources, whilst developing and enjoying the connection to others and treating the planet as well as our bodies with respect and reverence.

The 4 Pillars of DIMA

  • Self-Development


  • Community


  • Low-Impact


  • Wellbeing




Physical and emotional well being is a prerequisite to a happy and vital life. The body is the temple we live in and it requires attention and care in order to give us strength and equilibrium.


The sense of well-being at DIMA is supported by a healthy, vegetarian diet based on regional and seasonal organic produce. Fresh air, hugs, quiet spaces, friends, moving your body and knowing that you are treading lightly on the planet.


DIMA is bedded on an idyllic hillside in the countryside, between fields of golden agricultural land and forest. Amongst an abundance of orange and lemon, fig, pomegranate and olive trees there are many spots to lay, sit, walk and breathe, allowing the soul to relax, refreshing the mind and revitalizing the body.


We also offer a wide range of activities that can help you reconnect to yourself and your body such as detoxes, various meditation practices, yoga retreats, dance workshops and rejuvenation programs.


And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend. It took a long breath and replied, “I have been waiting my whole life for this”
~Nayyirah Waheed



By low-impact living we practice bringing awareness to and taking care of the water we use, the food we eat, the energy we consume, the soil under our feet, the air we breathe and the life that fills the air, the land and the sea.


At DIMA we have a no-chemical policy. All cleaning and personal care products used are bio-degradable and decomposable. The food we offer is predominantly organic and local and we avoid packaging wherever we can. We try using and re-using the natural resources we have to the best of our ability and commit to continuous learning about ways and means to minimize our impact and carbon footprint.


We feel that, for a big part, we have lost the connection to our natural surroundings and we would like to encourage a re-connection. To promote a sense of harmony with our environment, to respect and appreciate  it´s versatile and abundant gifts.


Reconnecting is a re-integration process that requires understanding and care. It will take time to learn and it will demand changing our ways.


We offer volunteer programs in which we work on sustainable projects together, educating and learning from one another about how we can make a difference, one person at a time.


“At the deepest level of Being, you are one with all that is”
~Eckhart Tolle



DIMA offers a space for all who wish to once again live life fully, with self-acceptance and the ability to embrace change.


Self-Development is an ongoing quest to realize ourselves from the inside. Aside from a social value based on what we do, what we look like or how much money we earn, we have a value that has nothing to do with the outside. It is an intrinsic knowing of our essence. This knowing is what we are aiming to reconnect to here. That place inside ourselves that is perfectly still, perfectly at peace and content with whatever is there.


It can be a challenging and strenuous process, but we believe it is the most rewarding and life-changing work of all. We encourage and invite you to join us on this worthwhile journey.


To support this personal growth, we offer an array of meditative workshops and therapy groups. They are guided by experienced teachers and renowned therapists, using various techniques and approaches towards self-realization.


“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be”
~Alan Watts



Community is a fundamental part of DIMA´s vision.


If you feel drawn to live closer to people that want to discover who they are, share, inquire, celebrate and play together, you may have found the right place.


DIMA is an invitation to experience living and working together communally. It is an open and safe place at which we can relate to one another in a natural way while learning from each other and growing together.


We believe that the connection to others is a helpful and nourishing tool on our quest to reconnect to ourselves and the world around us. It can be a space to feel supported and held, and has the means to accelerate the process of self-discovery as well as developing the ability to relate to others with honesty and openness.


In our community all is welcome. We live with laughter and tears, integrity and acceptance, participation and silence, creativity and resourcefulness. Every individual adds to this and is invited to come as themselves.


“Come, whoever you are!
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. This is not a caravan of despair.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times, still and yet again come!”