Encouraging conscious living through experience. For us living consciously means to be aware of your own existence, paying attention to our sensations, thoughts, feelings, surroundings, actions and their consequences.


The four pillars supporting our Vision:

The 4 Pillars of DIMA

  • Self-Development


  • Community


  • Low-Impact


  • Wellbeing




Physical and emotional well being is a prerequisite to a happy and vital life. The body is the temple we live in and it requires attention and care in order to give us strength and equilibrium.


The sense of well-being at DIMA is supported by a healthy, vegetarian diet using mainly regional, organic produce, fresh air, hugs, quiet spaces, friends, moving your body and knowing that you are treading lightly on the planet.


DIMA is bedded on an idyllic hillside in the countryside, between fields of golden agricultural land and forest. Amongst an abundance of orange and lemon, fig, pomegranate and olive trees there are many spots to lay, sit, walk and breathe, allowing the soul to relax, refreshing the mind and revitalizing the body.


We also offer a wide range of activities that can help you reconnect to yourself and your body such as detoxes, various meditation practices, yoga retreats, dance workshops and rejuvenation programs.


And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend. It took a long breath and replied, “I have been waiting my whole life for this”
~Nayyirah Waheed



By low-impact living we practice bringing awareness to and taking care of the water we use, the food we eat, the energy we consume, the soil under our feet, the air we breathe and the life that fills the air, the land and the sea.


At DIMA we have a no-chemical policy. All cleaning and personal care products used are bio-degradable and decomposable. The food we offer is predominantly organic and local and we avoid packaging wherever we can. We try using and re-using the natural resources we have to the best of our ability and commit to continuous learning about ways and means to minimize our impact and carbon footprint.


We feel that, for a big part, we have lost the connection to our natural surroundings and we would like to encourage a re-connection. A sense of being in harmony with the environment we live in, to respect and appreciate it´s versatile and abundant gifts.


Reconnecting is a re-integration process that requires understanding and care. It will take time to learn and it will demand changing our ways.


We offer volunteer programs in which we work on sustainable projects together, educating and learning from one another about how we can make a difference, one person at a time.


“At the deepest level of Being, you are one with all that is”
~Eckhart Tolle



DIMA offers a space for all who wish to once again live life fully, with self-acceptance and the ability to embrace change.


Self-Development is an ongoing quest to realize ourselves from the inside. Aside from a social value based on what we do, what we look like or how much money we earn, we have a value that has nothing to do with the outside. It is an intrinsic knowing of our essence. This knowing is what we are aiming to reconnect to here. That place inside ourselves that is perfectly still, perfectly at peace and content with whatever is there.


It can be a challenging and strenuous process, but we believe it is the most rewarding and life-changing work of all. We encourage and invite you to join us on this worthwhile journey.


To support this personal growth, we offer an array of meditative workshops and therapy groups. They are guided by experienced teachers and renowned therapists, using various techniques and approaches towards self-realization.


“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be”
~Alan Watts



Community is a fundamental part of DIMA´s vision.


If you feel drawn to live closer to people that want to discover who they are, share, inquire, celebrate and play together, you may have found the right place.


DIMA is an invitation to experience living and working together communally. It is an open and safe place at which we can experience relating to one another in a natural way while learning from one another and growing together.


We believe that the connection to others is a helpful and nourishing tool on our quest to reconnect to ourselves and the world around us. It can hold the space to feel supported and held, and has the means to accelerate the process of self-discovery as well as developing the ability to relate to others with honesty and openness.


In our community all is welcome. We live with laughter and tears, integrity and acceptance, participation and silence, creativity and resourcefulness. Every individual adds to this and is invited to come as themselves.


“Come, whoever you are!
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. This is not a caravan of despair.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times, still and yet again come!”


What does DIMA mean?

Dima means Downpour.
A rain-filled cloud that showers the earth, nourishing it with life.



Charu and Kanika met in the mid 1990´s at Osho Ko Hsuan boarding school in Devon, England. They kept in touch regularly over the years and decided to meet up in Mallorca for a week´s holiday in 2012. One afternoon at the beach, looking out at the ocean they began mapping out their shared dream of a community project on this beautiful Island. Little did they know, (Charu living in Berlin and Kanika in Amsterdam at the time), that barely 3 years later they would be realizing this dream.


Since the day they began their venture to create DIMA, it seemed the stars were rigged in such a way to make this a smooth and supported journey. The project has, and still is, attracting many friends and helping hands. With all this amazing support, DIMA has come to life!


In October 2015, DIMA´s doors will open to welcome anyone who feels attracted to being a part of this adventure. It is an invitation to pass by, to support and to experience conscious living.


Come and join us at DIMA!

  • founder-charu


  • founder-kanika



Charu Hermsdorf

Why Dima?


The idea to create DIMA came up when Kanika and I brainstormed one day on what it is we long for. I asked myself: What has inspired me in my life? What has touched me, influenced me, made me think differently? How do I want to live? What do I want to share?
Creating DIMA came from a deep rooted feeling of wanting to be a part of a community. I only realized this once we were already in the process of bringing DIMA to life. I grew up in a community and realize now that I have been searching for a new one ever since. I spent years traveling, restlessly searching inside and outside of myself for a place to belong, wanting to be a part of something that is bigger than me.


Community allows me to experience myself as a part of a group to which I can contribute. It means a safe place in which I am welcome and accepted simply for being present. This allows me to experience myself in different roles outside of what I would normally choose. It encourages me to step outside of my comfort zones and is an invitation to explore, experience and discover different facets of myself.


To me DIMA has been and still is, a beautiful, adventurous journey combining the free and pure joy of life with a commitment to relating consciously to ourselves and our surroundings.




Charu Hermsdorf was born in Berlin, Germany in 1983. Her first school years were spent at Osho Ko Hsuan school, an alternative boarding school in Devon, England, after which she returned to Berlin where she attended a Waldorf school. She completed High School in a Gymnasium in Berlin in 2003.


After traveling around Argentina for a year she returned to study Economics in Berlin. Guided by a wish to leave Berlin she moved to Barcelona in 2007, living, studying and enjoying life there for 4 years.
After finishing her Bachelor degree in Applied Economics in Barcelona in 2010 she once again returned to Berlin to work as a Project and Event manager in several different fields.


Realizing that the city’s cultural landscape was what most fascinated her she became involved with local artists and filmmakers, together realizing independent projects. Finding, connecting and supporting people in their passion became her main occupation, until in October 2014 when she felt is was time to create and live her own vision. This brought her to Mallorca to found DIMA together with Kanika Frings.



Kanika Frings

Why Dima?


After 10 years in Amsterdam building a beautiful, comfortable, steady life with my own small Interior Design company I was once again hit with the frequently recurring inkling that life had ´even´ more to offer than all these seemingly important comforts.


It´s a known sensation that has been coming to me since I can remember. I intimately call it ´the seeker´. It´s a voice in me that urges me not to settle, not to compromise, that pushes me to challenge the status quo and pulls me to get to know myself better. A voice that continuously asks me to step outside of my comfort zone and to widen my horizon. That ´seeker´ usually comes with a surge of intuition, propelling me to question, inquire, do, look and/or try something else, something new.


So before I knew it I was packing up my bags, giving up my flat and my company and driving to Mallorca with a car full of my belongings to follow a strong calling. And so DIMA was about to be born.


DIMA was created out of a deep longing for community. Of the feeling that working on ourselves and deepening our relationship to each other and our environment is the only pastime that really makes sense to me.


I have spent many years in communities and doing personal growth work and I can honestly not think of anything I’d rather put my energy and creativity into than a place that encourages the development of awareness, friendship, respect of one another, individuality and togetherness.


To me DIMA is a beautiful union of wildness and sophistication and an ever growing love affair with the unknown.



Kanika Frings was born in 1981, in Cologne, Germany. She spent her early childhood living in an Osho Community as well as other centres and communes in England, USA and India. After the first few school years in a german Montessori school she finished her GCSE´s in England at the Osho Ko Hsuan school in Devon. She then moved to Seattle, USA, to start High School and ended up completing her studies in Munich, Germany, in 1999.


After working in several professions and traveling around the world, living in various places, she studied Industrial Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, a renowned art academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She finished her Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in 2008, after which she started her own Interior Design Company in Amsterdam. She moved to Mallorca, Spain in 2014 to start DIMA, a centre for conscious living, together with Charu Hermsdorf.