Cellular Transformation Retreat #1


Starts: Wednesday May 1st – 09:00
Ends: Sunday May 5th – ca.19:00

*NOTE: Friday will be a break day, to go to the beach or rest. 


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 31 people


Workshop: €495,-
Food & accommodation: €50,- per day


Jennifer Millar

Jennifer Millar is a spiritual teacher, healer, and interfaith minister who travels the globe facilitating “Cellular Transformation.” A native of Northern Ireland, living south of Austin, TX, Jennifer has been immersed in the field of trauma healing for over two decades, working with thousands of people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


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What it is

• It is a powerful and authentic healing process that teaches you how to relate to the Creative Intelligence of our Universe in a way that is direct, instant, personal and transformative.
• It works with universal healing energies to take your body, mind and emotions through metamorphosis. Jennifer telepathically and psychically tunes into both the individual and group energy field and acts as a conduit for Universal Intelligence.
• It incorporates the mystical teachings at the root of many world religions, yet does not teach or condone religious dogma.
• It can offer daily practices, rituals and meditations to strengthen your connection to the Universe inside of you. It guides you on how to use this connection to transform physical and emotional pain at the cellular level.
• It is an empowerment process, incorporating various psycho-spiritual practices and dynamic group therapy to heal your blind-spots and re-awaken your inherent clarity and strength.
• It is not a ‘hands-on’ style healing method. The transmission of healing energies is invoked via a call and response style dialogue where you talk directly to the Universe (out-loud) and ask it to do the healing work for you, [as you sit on a chair or cushion; in a circle within a workshop or opposite the facilitator within a private session].
• The teaching comes through ‘feeling’. It is not a classroom where you sit back with pen and paper and take notes. There is no preplanned agenda, no projector screen, no text-book and for the most part, no technique. The transmission of light and wisdom that pours through during workshops and sessions is not something you ‘get’ with your intellect alone. It speaks to the mind of every cell in your body. You ‘feel’ the expansion of energy, the light, the love and the transformation in your physical body.
• It is a Kundalini Awakening process. The light that pours through unlocks this primal energy at the base of your spine. It exposes and burns through blockages as it moves up your chakra system. As a result, it is not unusual to experience high states of bliss as the kundalini begins to flow freely in your body. This is often translated into waves of sexual or sensual feelings pulsating through your system. This is a normal occurrence which can bring the body into greater connection with the divine self when worked with
• It offers a set of practical inter-relational tools that can be utilized to enhance your study or practice of yoga, meditation, the arts, psychology, business, medicine and much more.
• It is inclusive. People from all walks of life can benefit from a workshop or session. The one common thread that connects each
participant is the desire for personal growth and a hunger to change what is no longer working.
• It offers a uniquely aggregate set of guidelines that do not require you to separate from your present lifestyle in order to realize the humility, devotion and gratitude often associated with ascetic or monastic practices.

What you can expect

About the facilitator

Jennifer has committed her life’s work to understanding the universal language of energy — A field of study which incorporates epigenetics, cellular memory, psychology, meditation, consciousness and prayer. Having extensively explored the nature of energetic expansion versus contraction at the deepest levels, she developed a personal and powerful relationship with this Creative Intelligence.

Unparalleled is Jennifer’s understanding of how Creative Intelligence communicates to us through the Language of Energy. By showing us how to access, interpret, speak to, and align with with Creative Intelligence, Jennifer empowers us to become conscious co-creators of our lives. “Everything is written in the energy,” she often says. In other words, beneath the surface of our material reality is a vast world of complex energetic dynamics, which Jennifer teaches us to first become aware of and, eventually, to interpret for ourselves.