A living-in experience

Walking each other home

Sofia Premdhara at Dima Mallorca Mystery School smiling and laughing

Walking each other home

Unlearning everything that we have learned, been taught and accumulated throughout our lives that does not support connection, is a process that needs time, space and a safe container. For the learned to be unlearned, we need it to be really seen, felt, and integrated. When living in the community center, you don’t get to escape after you finished your workshop. It is a living, embodied experience in the mystery school.

We are all students of life. Nobody has arrived. Nobody has the answers. It is a mystery. Life is a mystery. We are all teachers to each other. We need each other to see what we can’t see and to receive the support needed in order to unlearn everything that is not real, everything that is in the way of true connection.

We use daily work as meditation to integrate our experience of the curriculum. We share the responsibilities of the household together, no one excluded. We are all equally committed to take care of the safe container we create and hold together.

What we call obstacles are Really the way the world and our entire experience Teach us where we are stuck

Pema Chodron

Daily life as a practice ground

Living in a community is an enriching, yet challenging experience. We are all different and have our own way of relating, processing and expressing. We may get triggered, mirrored and challenged by each other. At DIMA we realise that these challenges are pointers to where we are stuck and can actually accelerate our personal growth. We therefore created five guiding principles on how to relate to ourselves and each other whilst living in the community center.

  1. Showing up for ourselves. We are fully committed in honestly facing ourselves and being present to what comes up.
  2. Mirroring each other. We dare to reflect unconscious patterns to each other.
  3. Taking responsibility. We take full ownership for our personal experience and our part in the field.
  4. Opening up to something greater than ourselves. We acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and that we call in divine guidance.
  5. Holding space for the process in loving kindness. We regard and treat our own and each other’s experience with respect and compassion.
Ana and Connor connect outside on the balcony at the conscious community center of Dima Mallorca
Dima Kitchen Volunteer making lunch for Mystery School in the beautiful blue and white tiled kitchen

Work as meditation

When living in the community center, you will become an integral part of the community through service. You will have the responsibility and commitment to participate in a weekly practical meeting and to do a 2-hour community shift per day. Community shifts consist of cooking, gardening or cleaning and will be divided based on preference and experience.

We will see the work in the community center as an essential part of the unlearning process. Besides using these two hours as meditation and integration of the curriculum, it is also an opportunity to experience work from another perspective; as an inherent, enjoyable and creative part of daily life, getting to know yourself in the context of a group of people jointly collaborating in the effort of bringing more awareness to our inner and outer environment.

Set your life on fire,
seek those who fan your flames


Our rooms

The small and intimate community center has the capacity to hold maximum 30 students living-in during the curriculum. It is only possible to stay in our community centre when participating in one of the multiple days Intensives or during the Community Immersion. Get a glimpse of the group rooms and accommodation below.

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