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Seeing, feeling, being

The curriculum

The curriculum of 2024 consists of a small selection of residential intensives, a month community immersion experience and non-residential offerings. The core of the curriculum is based on Cellular Transformation, a psycho-spiritual growth modality that is at the foundation of DIMA’s mystery school. In between the residential offerings, there will be an array of day workshops on the weekends throughout the season, as well as the ongoing possibility to book private sessions with practitioners to support your individual process of growth and self-realisation.


Participants dancing and feeling in a Cellular Transformation Workshop Dima Mallorca


Group workshops and retreats with guest facilitators of a specific body of work to deepen, intensify or specify the unlearning process. The intensives are residential and in support of and in line with the higher vision of learning the language of energy.

Community Immersion

This is an opportunity to stay at DIMA for a full month and experience living in the community, with a light program of yoga, fun outings, meditation, nature, inner explorations and Cellular Transformation days.

This month will be a perfect mixture of summer holiday on a beautiful island, quiet time to yourself and a full blown community experience of living and working together in a shared household, as well as doing the inner work in a field of fellow travellers.


Yoga and Meditation Retreats at Dima Mallorca Mystery School


In between the modules and intensives, half a day and full day workshops are offered as part of the ongoing and non-residential curriculum. These workshops are designed around a specific body of work and intend to shine light upon, move through and release blockages in our life flow through various modalities.


In addition to the all the group work, the curriculum also offers the opportunity to book individual sessions with experienced and specialised practitioners in specific time slots during the week. These private sessions can be a valuable support and a resource in your individual process.

Once you stop learning,
you start dying.

Albert Einstein

Seeing, feeling, being

The mystery school welcomes everyone who is willing and hungry to learn – and unlearn. Its doors are open for those who have a deep longing for truth and dare to take a leap out of their comfort zone. Every individual in our community is committed and hungry to serve the light in whatever way we can. The common thread uniting us is an unwavering commitment to learning and living by the language of energy at levels that evoke deep vulnerability, authenticity, insight, transformation, and love.

Truth is an experiencing,
not an experience.
It is knowing, not knowledge.


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