Being a student

Seeing, feeling, being

Seeing, feeling, being

The mystery school welcomes everyone who is willing and hungry to learn – and unlearn. Its doors are open for those who have a deep longing for truth and dare to take a leap out of their comfort zone.

The curriculum consists of a season long offering of modalities that support us to unlearn everything that prevents us from being our true selves. It is built upon the five core values of DIMA’s culture and the innate wisdom qualities that we believe are needed to help us in living the truth of who we are: Commitment, Courage, Curiosity, Vulnerability, and Surrender.

Throughout the entire unlearning processes of DIMA’s curriculum, the three pillars of seeing (understanding), feeling (experiencing) and being (integrating) are utilised to build on as a solid foundation. This means that we will use and work with the three main centres of intelligence that we have available to us as human beings (head, heart & gut). Through these lenses we will investigate and infiltrate each particular blockage that we encounter, relative to a specific essential quality, as a doorway to reconnect to that missing facet of being in ourselves.

Once you stop learning,
you start dying.

Albert Einstein

The curriculum

The curriculum of 2022 consists of four pillars. At the core are the five Wisdom Cycles, supported by an Ongoing Program of daily, weekly, and monthly meditations, workshops, sessions and events. During the season there will be several Intensives to deepen the work of the Wisdom Cycles and Conscious Holiday Retreats for integration and relaxation.

Wisdom cycles

Five 3-week cycles of innate wisdom qualities that support living an authentic life. Diving into Commitment, Courage, Curiosity, Vulnerability and Surrender. The Wisdom Cycles are residential.


An ongoing weekly program of meditation, half-day, day and weekend workshops, events and private sessions with dedicated practitioners. Open for people living outside of DIMA.


Group workshops and retreats with guest facilitators of a specific body of work to deepen and intensify the unlearning process. Separate from the wisdom cycles. The intensives are residential.


Spring, summer and autumn conscious holiday weeks as breaks in between the cycles for integration and relaxation. Open for people living outside of DIMA.

Truth is an experiencing,
not an experience.
It is knowing, not knowledge.


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