CT Facilitators


Kanika is the co-founder of DIMA, holistic counselor, and protégé of Jennifer. She integrates a multitude of teachings and modalities into her work, such as: Enneagram to Essence, Osho’s cutting-edge therapy- and meditation practices; trauma healing through Somatic Experiencing; mystical Sufi traditions; spiritual coaching, and temporary psychological tools. Cellular Transformation has become an essential part of this integration. She has committed her life and work to CT with deep love and dedication. She is the lead facilitator of the CT teaching program.

What: Cellular Transformation

Price: €125 

Mail: kanika@dimamallorca.com

Phone: +34 (681) 613-470

Charlotte Uslar

Charlotte is the Global Manager of CT. She has been immersed in the CT healing process for the last 13 years, partaking in countless in-depth training workshops, retreats and private sessions around the globe. For the past 3 years Charlotte has gained experience with private CT sessions and guiding groups as the head mentor of the Online CT Theory Course. She recently facilitated her first full weekend workshop near Vienna/Austria. She will assist the CT Teaching Program mostly online through intake sessions and global management. She intends to assist Kanika physically during the modules as much as she can.

What: Cellular Transformation

Price: €125

Mail: charlotte.uslar@gmail.com

Phone: +49 (160) 885-0125


Sidhamo is a world traveler and seeker with a deep connection to plant medicine and the jungle. He is a facilitator at DIMA and loves working with people to help uncover the core issues that manifest as stagnant behaviour patterns that no longer serve us. Sidhamo encourages and guides clients to drop into the instinctual felt sense of their body and greater mind in order to unearth and transform old programs and belief structures. Sidhamo works with the structure of CT (in training with Jennifer Millar), and Holistic Counseling (Rafia Morgan & Turiya Hanover). He will closely assist Kanika during all 9 modules of the CT Teaching Program.

What: Cellular Transformation

Price: €125 

Mail: christopherflyr@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (707) 239-3217


Vira’s passion is to touch the body and its profound wisdom. She feels that all of our answers are revealed through a deeper listening into the layers of the body. Her entire working life has revolved around yoga, bodywork, meditation, and presence. She facilitates yoga and meditation retreats, Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, Living Touch Massage Trainings, and is booked by multiple yoga schools to support teachers in growing into their authenticity and wisdom. When she met Jennifer Millar, she instantly understood that CT is a profound and powerful piece that was missing in yoga and bodywork. Vira is a facilitator at DIMA, a CT/DIMA facilitator, and offers CT Yoga and CT Bodywork.

What: CT Bodywork

Price: €90

Mail: info@vira.yoga

Phone: +49 (163) 172-7300