Community Immersion


Starts: Monday August 19th – 16:00

Ends: Sunday September 15th – 11:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 20 people


€1500,- Full Program 

incl. Food & Accommodation



The community experience is held by DIMA’s team. Though it is a co-creation of everyone present, the different events will be facilitated by DIMA’s residential facilitators, Vira Drotbohm, Sidhamo Flyr, Kanika Frings, Deva Spagnoli and Shan Herron. 


More information:

What it is

Living in the community of DIMA’s mystery school for a month is a fast paced, transformational experience.

Being surrounded by like minded people, equally hungry and dedicated to personal growth and spiritual practice, creates a supportive container to uncover and overcome barriers to connecting in a more authentic and intimate way.

In our experience nothing reveals our longings, blindspots and true essence more than spending time in close vicinity to other seekers. Be it by the day to day life in a shared household, with regular triggers and insights around behavioural patterns, the challenge and beauty around the sense of belonging to something bigger then our individual reality, the deep and intimate work of exposing ourselves with our fears, desires and pains in a safe environment, or the simple and joyful sharing of experiences in an honest and intimate way.

This is an extraordinary adventure and a heartfelt invitation for anyone that is willing to show up for themselves and each other in support of healing and awaking through intentional time spent together.

We hope to meet you this summer, to get to know, challenge and expand each other with love and compassion, in the gorgeous setting of our community center in the heart of Mallorca.

What you can expect

May we enjoy many sweet and profound moments together through:

· meditation practices

· mindful movement

· inner exploration sessions

· a Cellular Transformation day

· group outings

· time in nature

· household chores

· community work projects

· silence

· events

· delicious vegetarian food

· beautiful surroundings

· games

· teachings

· movie nights

· sharing

& more…

…with friends on the path….



– The days will only have a light program, so there is plenty of free time to spend according to your own pace and rhythm. This is not a full-time program, it is an invitation to take full responsibility for your own experience in and outside of the daily curriculum. 

– The daily program will consist of an average of 2 hours various practices, plus community shifts of ca. 2 hours, with some full workshop or outing days. Please be flexible and open to changes according to the flow of the group dynamics.

– You may also bring some work if needed, if you can be flexible in your working hours. 


– We ask for a commitment for the full month of the Community Immersion, so we can hold a safe container for everyone present, starting and ending this experience together.