CT Yoga Retreat


Starts: Friday May 17th – 09:00
Ends: Sunday May 19th – 20:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 12 people


Workshop: €510,- (including food & accommodation for 3 days)


Vira Drotbohm and Jesse Foster

Jesse and Vira have been looking deeply into the world of Yoga and love to blend free open movement, Qi Gong, active OSHO Meditations, as well as dance into the Yoga asanas, so people stay loose, relaxed and enjoy their energy flow. As passionate Cellular Transformation practitioners, both Vira and Jesse love working with Spirit on the mat and invite others to see where this practice may lead them.


For more information about the workshop, questions, or bookings contact: info@vira.yoga

What it is

Yoga is a beautifully deep path that can be much more than just a physical workout. Yoga is a way of life and asks us to look deeply into how we relate to all aspects of our life. Yoga is an inquiry into self, into Spirit, and into the whole of life and all its relations. There are many styles of Yoga to practice and they all give a unique flavour. Ultimately, in the end, it’s a question of feeling at HOME in ourselves and connecting to Spirit as a real force of Life energy. The physical world of Asanas /Positions is wonderful and helps us stay healthy, fit and flexible. They give grounding, structure and a better understanding of boundaries.

Working with Spirit in yoga

Spirit is just one of the many names for divine intelligence. This intelligence is the undercurrent of all existence, it is what creates the flowers and the clouds, it coats every cell of our bodies, and it loves when we acknowledge it and give it our attention. By speaking to it and listening how our body responds, we open a channel to Spirit. Yoga helps this freeway of energy open and flow between us and this intelligence. Through meditation, invocation, breath, movement, stillness and prayer, we create an inner and outer field that helps spirit work in us and through us. During this retreat we will inquire and practice how to work with this energy, and how to deepen our relationship to Spirit in the quiet, still spaces that yoga provides.

What you can expect

In this 3-day retreat, we will go with the flow and listen to the energy when it comes to the schedule. You can expect the following:

  • Spirit Morning Meditation before breakfast or Spirit Night Meditation after Dinner (alternating each day)
  • Silent breakfasts to deepen our presence and stillness
  • A morning session with active Yoga & Meditation 
  • An afternoon session with Yoga Philosophy, Inquiry, active Meditations or soft Yin Yoga
  • Some relax and integration time in nature 

Every Body can practice Yoga, so come as you are. Be open to meet Spirit within your bones and inside your breath as we move, chant, pray and share together!

About the facilitator

Vira Drotbohm

Vira teaches Yoga wholeheartedly since 2006 in classes, Retreats as well as Teacher trainings. She is passionate to share her mix around Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Kundalini & Yinyoga and loves to see how people get in touch with their energy. She is happy to support sincerity as well as lightness and joy. Many different tools, like chanting, mindfulness techniques, Inquiry & Osho Meditations will be offered from her to move deeper into presence & connection.

Jesse Foster

Jesse was certified in “Deep Yoga”, by Deep Kumar in Dharmashala India. Since his training in 2017 he has been teaching his own unique style of yoga that encourages a loving and accepting attitude towards body, mind and Spirit. He aims to create a safe space for all bodies and all ages, as yoga is an opportunity to pause the outward flow of energy inwards…to bring attention to what your body and heart is communicating, and to work with Spirit to help unravel all that is in the way of expansion and love.