apr  7

Family Constellation Workshop


Sunday April 7th
10:00 – 19:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 20 people


Workshop: €90,-

Workshop + vegetarian lunch: €105


Deva Daniela Spagnoli


For more information about the workshop, questions, or bookings contact: daniela.spagnoli@gmail.com

What it is

Family Constellations work is about healing our roots to rise in life. The intention is to find the truth that hides behind any discomfort (anxieties, guilt, insecurities, diseases, relationship problems) to bring it to the light, to recognise it and to find a solution. It is most effective in addressing concerns that are systemic in nature. These concerns might include family of origin issues, parent-child relationship difficulties, and intimate relationship challenges.

  • It may be used as a potential therapy method for people who:
  • Are seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns
  • Want to be in a romantic relationship
  • Are attempting to resolve family entanglements
  • Want to overcome inner turmoil
  • Have experienced significant trauma or loss
  • Are in search of personal and professional success

In this workshop you will explore:

  • What we carry from the Family of Origin that doesn’t allow us to freely follow our own path
  • What we keep repeating fro the Family of Origin that doesn’t belong to us or doesn’t serve us anymore
  • How to find our place in the Family of Origin, to find our place in the world
  • What keeps us away from relating consciously
  • What prevents us from living our lives fully

What you can expect

A family constellations workshop is made up of a group of individuals who are not related. Members of the group stand in for family members of the person or couple presenting a difficulty or concern. The person seeking resolution of an issue, who is referred to as the seeker, or Deva chooses these representatives and places them into position as members of the individual’s family, also choosing one person to take the place of the seeker in order to complete the family dynamic. The use of other individuals to represent the family is believed to illuminate the disharmony within the family, and the individuals standing in as members of the family are believed to be able to feel and experience the emotions of the person whose role they have taken on. Hellinger, the developer of family constellations, calls this sense of connectedness, which is said to be felt telepathically by members of the group, the morphogenic field. Although the representatives speak very little, the sense of knowing believed to result from the process is said to be apparent to all who participate. The seeker watches from the outside to gain new perspective on the situation. Even when an issue is not fully resolved by the constellation process, the individual who presented the issue may still achieve insight into the issue for which they are seeking help. None of the members of the constellation know the seeker or are aware of the underlying issues brought forth by the seeker, but they often report an awareness of specific emotions and feelings directly related to the individual’s situation. Deva may ask members to explain what they are feeling, specifically in their relation to other members of the family. This may shed light on certain emotions and relational aspects that can be clearly connected to the issue being addressed.

About the facilitator

Working with people through holistic counseling, family constellations and meditation, Deva keeps working on herself, following her inner journey, with passion and enthusiasm. Coming from the medical field, Deva is also an experienced Nutrition and Traditional Chinese medicine consultant with specialisation in intolerances and detoxification. She facilitates workshops and retreats on Family Constellations, Relating Consciously, Self-Growth and Women Work in different countries, and offers individual sessions, in person and online on:

Family and Systemic Constellations, Holistic Counselling, Somatic Experiencing (Trauma Work), Essence Work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), IAT (Inner Alquemy Technique), Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques.