Oct 13

Who are you? A workshop Day


Sunday October 13th
10:00 – 18:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 30 people


Workshop: €90,-

Workshop + vegetarian lunch: €105


Vira Drotbohm 

Vira is certified in Holistic Bodywork, Deep Tissue Massage, Ayuveda, Thai Yoga Massage & Energy Work. She gives Sessions full time since 2000, created numerous Trainings where she shares her Knowledge and Love around the Body and its different Layers.


For more information about the workshop, questions, or bookings contact: info@vira.yoga

What it is

Do you think, you are those bones that you are feeling?
Do you think, you are this heart that is pumping?
Do you think you are this memory that is flowing through?
Do you think you are the brain that reads this text?

Through a simple question, a Zen Koan, that cannot have a final answer but ongoing inquiry, we will dive deep into the many layers of this BODY, MIND, HEART, SOUL Connection.
The workshop will be held mostly be in diads, as well in a group sharings. It is an invitation to discover this wonderful messy unique humannes fully, to eventually feel divine space entering.

About the facilitator

Vira Drotbohm

Vira teaches Yoga wholeheartedly since 2006 in classes, Retreats as well as Teacher trainings. She is passionate to share her mix around Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Kundalini & Yinyoga and loves to see how people get in touch with their energy. She is happy to support sincerity as well as lightness and joy. Many different tools, like chanting, mindfulness techniques, Inquiry & Osho Meditations will be offered from her to move deeper into presence & connection. Vira’s passion is to touch the body and its profound wisdom. She feels that all of our answers are revealed through a deeper listening into the layers of the body. Her entire working life has revolved around yoga, bodywork, meditation, and presence. She facilitates yoga and meditation retreats, Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, Living Touch Massage Trainings, and is booked by multiple yoga schools to support teachers in growing into their authenticity and wisdom. Vira is a facilitator at DIMA, a CT/DIMA facilitator, and offers CT Yoga and CT Bodywork.