May 25th 

Personalized Transformational Breath Workshop


Saturday May 25th

Afternoon workshop: 15:00 – 18:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 4 people per workshop


Workshop: €75,- for half a day (3-4 hours), limited spaces available


Shan Kranti Herron

Kranti Seán Herron is a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator and the founder of Breathwork Mallorca. He has been immersed for years in both the self-development world and is finishing his training as a holistic counsellor. He is also a facilitator in the wisdom cycles of the curriculum and has been running DIMA together with Kanika for years.


More information about the workshop:

What it is

Did you know that up to 70% of detoxification from the body can happen through breath?

Transformational breath is taught and experienced as a powerful self-healing modality. By enriching the body with oxygen through a more open breath, Transformational Breath promotes physical, emotional and mental well-being. Breathing in a constant, flowing, open rhythm enables access to blocked areas of emotion. Blockages that have been caused by suppressing the breath whenever we wanted to avoid negative feelings. By releasing these blockages, past emotional memories held in the body can surface and finally be integrated. Once they are integrated our mind comes to a natural state of rest and we can appreciate our true essential wellbeing.

And because deep and uncomfortable issues can be addressed and released in just one session or workshop, both your mind and your body get a cleanse. Something which is not possible in a conventional therapeutic setting.

The workshops are limited to 5 people so you can rest assured you will feel safe and taken care of. Using a combination of unique tools such as breath analysis, proven gentle touch and sound healing, you will breathe consciously using the diaphragm until you achieve a wave-like ‘full circular breath’ pattern. Once the pattern is established, a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration will be activated throughout your body/mind, allowing the magic of entrainment to take effect. As Kranti says, “you can get high without the psychedelics!” According to the scientific principle of entrainment, low frequency energy patterns are raised and transformed in the
presence of the higher frequency energy state.

At this workshop you will discover, when each cell of your body starts to take in oxygen-rich blood and life-force energy, that you can:
• Stimulate circulation, strengthen your immune system and become fully energised
• Ease headaches, breathing problems and back pain
• Crush worry, stress and anxiety
• Relieve unconsciously repressed and depressive thoughts, stories, emotions, traumas, dramas, addictions
• Bring healing for psychosomatic illnesses and anaerobic diseases
• Open your heart and create the bridge for meditation

Change your breath, change your life!

What you can expect

About the facilitator

Seán Kranti gives individual sessions and workshops in Transformational Breath as well as organising annual trainings every year. “Having worked with Transformational Breath for the past 4 years, I remain in awe of its power and limitlessness. I have spent 20 years travelling the world searching for the ultimate experience and when I was introduced to this form of breath work I realised that the answers I was seeking had been with me all the time, I just hadn’t known how to access them. That’s my motivation for working with my clients … to assist them on their individual journeys. It’s truly an honour and I enjoy every minute of it!” Seán Kranti is constantly broadening his knowledge, experience and awareness of the self-healing world. His exploration of different healing techniques, direct work with his clients and the practise of listening from the heart have literally transformed his own life. He is keen on sharing my skills, knowledge and experience with people around the world.