Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Starts: Thursday September 8th – 09:00
Ends: Sunday September 11th – 20:00


DIMA Mallorca – Spain


Maximum 20 people


Workshop: €360,- (excluding food & accommodation)


Vira Drotbohm

Vira is certified in Holistic Bodywork, Deep Tissue
Massage, Ayuveda, Thai Yoga Massage & Energy Work. She has been giving sessions full-time since 2000, and has created numerous trainings in which she shares her knowledge of and love of the body and its different layers.


More information about the workshop:

What it is

Vira loves to combine Yoga as a way to move into presence – no matter what age, body, fitness or shape you bring. She asks for sincerity in looking into postures, breath and movement but gives all the freedom so you can explore your inner connection without feeling pressure. Yoga is not about being in a box. It is not about using a technic only. Its pure presence where the mind can get still. And it is really fun too.

She says: ‘After all this time being on the mat, teaching all those classes every week, training many many Yoga teachers every year, it still so excites me to turn your energy on! Yoga is as individual as the body is and all we have to do is to find the knack‘.

As she is trained in classic Hatha, modern Vinyasa, energetic Kundalini & meditative Yin yoga and is totally fond of the deep Wisdom Osho’s active Meditations can give, Vira always uses a mix of formal and informal structures. The moment is all we have, so let’s create a yoga time not with yesterdays’s concepts, but with today’s feeling. People are usually surprised how big the buffet is that Vira loves to give …. there are so many ways to kiss your own Self!“

So let’s meet on the mat and feel how much we can love our Self.

During these 4 days you will:

• get an introduction about the main Philosophy of Yoga according to Patanjali
• move the body with Dynamic & Softness
• feel the Power of Breath as the main Director of Life

• learn about the 5 Layers of the Body
• dance, shake, sing & sit quiet
• share with fellow travellers about your personal idea about Yoga
• for sure have a good laugh once in a while!

What you can expect

In Yoga you get to know yourself on many levels: physically through positions which strengthen your physical perception, through the art of moving and to cleanse the organs etc. Spiritually through the held concentration, which can relax at some point to create a space into Silence and Meditation. In these days you will find a home of possibilities and I love to stand at the door to invite the Yogis to come in. The lessons will be full of enthusiasm, humor and are resource-oriented. The sporty people, the older, the limited, the stiff or also the tired bodies etc. will find their way into this retreat. Yoga Teachers and Yoga beginners stand next to each other on the mat in these classes. It’s possible. We all stay students. What Vira asks you is to bring an open mind so Yoga is not practiced as as a competitive sport but as an art form to integrate life onto the mat while you have having fun discovering it.

About the facilitator

Vira began Vipassana mindfulness meditation when she was 17 and then traveled to India to study ayurveda and yoga. She discovered Osho International Meditation Resort in 1998 and fell for the active meditations and deep insights she received listening to OSHO.

Vira is certified in Holistic Therapy,  numerous Bodywork Techniques, Deep Tissue Massage, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage & Energy Work. Vira always combines holistic coaching with Bodywork.

Her yoga journey started in 2004 with a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India, continued in 2007 with Vinyasa (Yogaloft Köln) and Kundalini Yoga (Kia Miller). Yin Yoga taught by Sarah Powers in 2010 changed her whole approach to being on the yoga mat and made her commit to always bringing a sense of meditation and softness into asana work.

In 2015 she started her own 45-hour teacher training courses in Yin Yoga. She has taught this course continuously throughout the years and still until today, and always with all of her passion. She uses the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, mindfulness in addition to releasing techniques, so that yogis may learn to let go and trust fully the inner body language.

Vira is invited all over the world to share her vast knowledge of Yoga & Bodywork. She brings humor, lightness, and a deep love to those she teaches.

She has a deep passion for touch and yoga: “Even after 20 years working with people I just cannot get enough of it. Every meeting on the yoga mat, every touch during a massage is unique, never a repetition, never dull. I invite you to come closer to your bones, into your skin, to feel what wants to be felt, and to let go of what is ready to be exhaled.”

So come and join her yoga classes and book an individual blissful massage session in DIMA where you can feel save, held, moved, and where silence can deeply enter your system.