Yoga & Meditation Retreat

This 4-day retreat is an opportunity to bring silence and presence into everyday life through motion and into the moment.

Ceremonial Newmoon Concert

Bettina Maureenji brings you straight into presence through the powerful instrument of her voice and the depth of her songs.

Medicine of your voice

A one day workshop, using the instrument of your voice to open yourself up, through the healing of vulnerability, into greater connectedness with yourself and others.

Awareness Intensive day

The old zen koan "Who is In?" will dig a pathway past our conditioned beliefs of ourselves straight toward a deeper awareness of our consciousness. A full day workshop.

Meeting the Dark

A day in pitch darkness in which we meet ourselves intimately, as we allow the dark to penetrate our being, leaving nothing behind but nothingness itself and the light of our soul.

Enneagram & shadow work

A workshop designed to understand and investigate the shadow aspects of our personality structure, in order to find our light.

Family Constellation

A workshop focused on your ancestry, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in our systemic relating in order to heal and transform them.

Transformational Breath

This particular breath workshop will work issues around self-worth. Our breath can show us the exact places in which we disconnect to the love that we are, are bring flow back to them.