In addition to and support of the wisdom cycles, the curriculum of the school offers several intensives for deepening and intensifying the unlearning process throughout the school year facilitated by experienced and embodied guest facilitators. These offerings are open for both living-in students and to people coming outside of DIMA.

cellular transformation Retreats Live

Cellular Transformation is a psycho-spiritual healing modality. It works with transformational energies to dissolve the energetic blueprints that cause pain and limitation in our body, mind, and life. Jennifer channels these energies to enter the individual or group she is working with and here they begin to undo the epigenic traits that we’ve inherited from previous generations and accumulated in our own lifetime. Layer by layer these cellular memories are unraveled and dissolved until a deep and permanent shift takes place inside of us.

Jennifer is exceptionally intuitive and does not skim the surface of ‘personal development’ butt instead goes straight to the heart of the issue, connecting us to an innate intelligence that sources and transforms our trauma at the cellular level. The outcome is less emotional and physical pain, a rekindling of purpose and passion, feeling lighter throughout your body and life, more clarity and focus, and a deeper sensation of connection and love towards self and others.

Date: April 7-10 and April 14-17 & November 3 – 6 and November 10-13
€495 (excluding food and accommodation)

Man-in retreat

Men gather to create and support a strong, collective presence with a unified intention to scratch below the surface and ask ourselves what really stops us from really showing up in our lives. You will leave this weekend feeling deeply energized, inspired, and connected. Connected not only to new brothers, but to your own body and feelings, and to your life force energy. 

From within the supporting and inspiring environment we build with other men you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you create the life you always dreamt about. This retreat is for all those brothers seeking for truth. This is the space to arrive to yourself. This is the brotherhood you have been longing for!

Date: May 19-22

Price: €450 (excluding food and accommodation)

Path of women retreat

The ‘Path of women’ circle is an international network of women who support, inspire, and empower themselves and each other by holding and co-creating a nourishing field for authentic connection, personal growth and abundance. We invite any woman who feels the call to expand the concept of womanhood and explore together.

During these 3 days of being together as women, you will step into an experimental field, utilizing our collective wisdom pool to build trust in the feminine and raise our consciousness toward empowering ourselves and each other. You will internalize your abilities to deepen and expand on your personal journey and exploration of inner growth, whilst being supported, inspired, and empowered by other women.

Date: June 17-19
Price: €250 (excluding food and accommodation)

yoga and meditation retreat

Vira loves to combine Yoga as a way to move into presence – no matter what age, body, fitness, or shape you bring. She asks for sincerity in looking into postures, breath, and movement but gives all the freedom so you can explore your inner connection and without feelinga certain box. It requires present contact to the floor as well as to mobility and flexibility. Yoga in essence means to have to meet yourself, to find the balance to become quiet. During the reteat it will be combined with Meditation and Mindfulness and how they can help you be present in everyday life. Vira says: “It excites me to turn your energy on! I will use formal and informal structures, flow and steady posture, sound and silence. People are usually surprised how big the buffet is that I love to serve … there are so many ways to kiss your own self!” So let’s meet on the mat and feel.

Date: May 13 – 15
Price: €280 (excluding food and accommodation.)


Family Constellations work is about healing our roots to rise in life. The intention is to find the truth that hides behind any discomfort (anxieties, guilt, insecurities, diseases, relationship problems) to bring it to the light, the recognise it and to find a solution. It is most effective in addressing concerns that are systemic in nature. These concerns might include family of origin issues, parentchild relationship difficulties, and intimate relationship challenges.

In this 3-day retreat you will explore:
• what you carry from the Family of Origin that doesn’t allow you to freely follow your own path
• what you keep repeating from the Family of Origin that doesn’t belong to you or doesn’t serve you anymore
• how to find your place in the Family of Origin, to find your place in the world
• what keeps you away from relating consciously
• what prevents you from living your live fully

Date: August 26 – 28
Price: €280 (excluding food & accommodation)

Enneagram of the heart RETREAT

This 7-day workshop is informative, you can get to know the enneagram in an intensive way, but at the same time it is a retreat, a spiritual practice in inner transformation. The enneagram offers a deep understanding of the correlation between personality and spiritually. It is a tool to arrive at your essence. Less known in the enneagram teachings is the enneagram of the heart. The enneagram of the heart is also called the enneagram of virtues and passions. The passions describe how we feel, when our life takes place within the limitations of the ego or our personality structure. The word passion is used here in its original meaning as “suffering”. The virtues describe what happens to the heart when we are in touch with essence, when we arrive at ourselves. Finding the way from passions to virtues is crucial for our inner development and discovering who we essentially are.

Date: August 28 (arrival 17:00) – September 4
Price: €795 (excluding food and accommodation)